Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Attack of the Scrap Monsters!

Scrap monsters have taken over our home!

When I saw Courtney's video for scrap monsters, I had every intention of creating them on my own, and once my kids got a look at them, there was no stopping them from trying their hand at them, too.
First, I created body shapes and face features following Courtney's lead in her YouTube video.
In this totally un-staged photo, you can see the impromptu mess created by the whole process:
My daughters and I chose our favorite body shapes and covered them in decorative tapes, cutting around the edges when we were finished to get a clean edge:
I then followed Courtney's lead and outlined my monster with thick black Sharpie, though my girls declined this step (which was probably for the best, since we're talking about permanent ink here!).
The final step involves finding the face we want to match with our monster's body, and using pencils to add a little color:
Last night, we each created two monsters, for a total of six.  This morning, my girls took over, creating their own body shapes and face features, and creating even more.
They've named each monster, and created a kind of "profile" of their special talents and back stories.  They are most interested in laminating them to create "backpack buddies" (little toys and such that connect to the zippers of their backpacks), but I'm thinking they have a real future in Scrap Monster Trading Cards!  Don't you think?
I think they will make absolutely adorable stickers and journal embellishments.
The Scrap Monsters have taken over, 
and just might need their own room soon!

For more paper projects, check out my Collage and Assemblage and Paper Crafting boards on Pinterest!


daisy said...

Brilliant! I'll have to ask the kids to get me started!

Susanne said...

That looks like tons of fun!

iHanna said...

I watched that video too, and had to make some of the creatures on my own. Then a few weeks later we had a family workshop and made them together, so much fun right?! My little girl cousin made the cutest ever rainbow-bird with wings!

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