Make It/365!

I am brainstorming a list of 365 things that I can make over the course of a year's time.  As you will see, my ideas range from the concrete to the abstract, from the serious to the silly, from the creative to the mundane.  

I will document some of my Make It/365! endeavors, but many will be private projects that populate my days.

My list is still a work in progress, so please offer me some additional suggestions in the comments, and I will add them in!

EDIT:  Many thanks to Emie for offering lots of great suggestions that I have added to my list!!

Join me in my efforts to Make It/365! this year.
  1. Make cookies.
  2. Make biscuits.
  3. Make a joke.
  4. Make a crocheted blanket.
  5. Make pancakes.
  6. Make a quiche.
  7. Make the garden ready to grow flowers.
  8. Make muffins.
  9. Make a felt creation.
  10. Make butter.
  11. Make a piece of jewelry.
  12. Make a mason jar craft.
  13. Make Irish soda bread.
  14. Make a recommendation.
  15. Make a comfortable spot out in nature.
  16. Make a rubber stamp.
  17. Make cinnamon sugar toast.
  18. Make something by upcycling something around the house.
  19. Make a poem.
  20. Make a photograph of candlelight.
  21. Make chocolate dipped clementines with sea salt.
  22. Make soup.
  23. Make a cyanotype.
  24. Make a candle.
  25. Make a cozy corner.
  26. Make a memory.
  27. Make a DIY beauty treatment.
  28. Make an ornament.
  29. Make paper.
  30. Make fingerprint pictures.
  31. Make a cartoon.
  32. Make an ATC.
  33. Make a greeting card.
  34. Make a gift tag.
  35. Make a T-shirt market bag.
  36. Make soap.
  37. Make painted bookshelves.
  38. Make wall art.
  39. Make a contour drawing.
  40. Make salsa.
  41. Make bookends.
  42. Make vegetable prints.
  43. Make a wish.
  44. Make pajama bottoms. 
  45. Make a crocheted headband.
  46. Make lip balm.
  47. Make a reservation.
  48. Make a grand entrance.
  49. Make mail art.
  50. Make a collection.
  51. Make a trip to a museum.
  52. Make decorative tape.
  53. Make coasters.
  54. Make a book clutch.
  55. Make a string bowl.
  56. Make a magnet.
  57. Make a snow globe.
  58. Make spin art.
  59. Make marbled paper.
  60. Make a fire in the fireplace.
  61. Make a phone call.
  62. Make a snack.
  63. Make conversation.
  64. Make paper flowers.
  65. Make a salad. 
  66. Make a mimosa.
  67. Make sketches of your pet.
  68. Make art with a child.
  69. Make etegami.
  70. Make jam. 
  71. Make a mosaic.
  72. Make a drawing of what you see right now.
  73. Make a mandala.
  74. Make pom poms.
  75. Make painted river rocks.
  76. Make a map.
  77. Make a self-portrait.
  78. Make a drawing of your breakfast.
  79. Make a great escape.
  80. Make someone's dream come true.
  81. Make a natural room spray.
  82. Make up a bed with flannel sheets.
  83. Make a cocktail.
  84. Make a trip to a tea shop.
  85. Make a pocket flower press.
  86. Make a keychain.
  87. Make a duct tape project.
  88. Make a smoothie.
  89. Make a page of sketches during the down-time moments in your day.
  90. Make your own deodorant.
  91. Make coffee.
  92. Make roasted vegetables.
  93. Make a sugar scrub.
  94. Make the perfect playlist.
  95. Make a contribution.
  96. Make a snowman.
  97. Make an all-purpose cleaner.
  98. Make a plan.
  99. Make tea.
  100. Make chicken broth.
  101. Make body butter.
  102. Make an envelope from decorative paper.
  103. Make a drawing with your non-dominant hand.
  104. Make an apron.
  105. Make an indoor picnic.
  106. Make matchbox furniture.
  107. Make a new friend.
  108. Make homemade toilet bowl cleaner.
  109. Make a snow fort.
  110. Make art in public.
  111. Make a tote bag.
  112. Make a vintage ruler pendant.
  113. Make something with polymer clay.
  114. Make something with buttons.
  115. Make a denim cuff bracelet.
  116. Make a folded note like when you were back in school.
  117. Make a holiday wreath.
  118. Make a Bento box lunch.
  119. Make paper beads.
  120. Make natural bug repellent.
  121. Make a fairy garden.
  122. Make a recipe binder.
  123. Make a bouquet.
  124. Make a drawing or painting on a piece of junk mail.
  125. Make tapas.
  126. Make a list of Random Acts of Kindness, and then do one daily.
  127. Make a journal pen holder.
  128. Make a rag rug.
  129. Make paste paper.
  130. Make a fudge sundae.
  131. Make doughnuts.
  132. Make dryer balls. 
  133. Make an inspiration board.
  134. Make a gallery wall.
  135. Make a decorative frame.
  136. Make pulled string art.
  137. Make a throw pillow.
  138. Make a stuffed animal.
  139. Make a succulent container garden.
  140. Make a crocheted scarf.
  141. Make a pie crust.
  142. Make a Valentine.
  143. Make progress toward a goal.
  144. Make a To Do list of fun.
  145. Make something with air-dry clay.
  146. Make a time capsule.
  147. Make a tabbouleh salad.
  148. Make a Bucket List.
  149. Make hummus.
  150. Make fresh marinara sauce.
  151. Make infused honey.
  152. Make a terrarium.
  153. Make a mistake.
  154. Make a pennant.
  155. Make snow ice cream.
  156. Make fabric flowers.
  157. Make a prayer journal.
  158. Make waffles.
  159. Make a centerpiece.
  160. Make your bed.
  161. Make dishwasher soap. 
  162. Make a reed diffuser.
  163. Make a mess.
  164. Make laundry detergent.
  165. Make a crocheted dishcloth.
  166. Make a meal plan. 
  167. Make recycled herb containers.
  168. Make a new recipe.
  169. Make a garland.
  170. Make noise.
  171. Make a scratch art picture.
  172. Make a page of doodles.
  173. Make an Instagram account.
  174. Make popcorn.
  175. Make a fancy package topper.
  176. Make a clutter-free surface in your home.
  177. Make amends.
  178. Make a list of things you love.
  179. Make background papers for your art journal.
  180. Make a Zentangle.
  181. Make a mistake.
  182. Make a blog post.
  183. Make a photograph of falling snow.
  184. Make a container garden.
  185. Make a photo essay from a nature walk.
  186. Make a collage.
  187. Make hot chocolate.
  188. Make an art journal page.
  189. Make a space in your house clean.
  190. Make music.
  191. Make a promise you will keep.
  192. Make spiced cider.
  193. Make a patchwork pencil case.
  194. Mage a mug rug.
  195. Make a reusable snack bag.
  196. Make a coffee cup cozy.
  197. Make baked apple chips.
  198. Make a matchbox book.
  199. Make a gratitude journal.
  200. Make gelli printed papers.
  201. Make a trip to the thrift store.
  202. Make a book page necklace.
  203. Make sugar cubes.
  204. Make vapor rub.
  205. Make a Bible study notebook.
  206. Make a junk journal.
  207. Make crocheted beaded friendship bracelets.
  208. Make a scrabble tile pendant.
  209. Make a postcard.
  210. Make domino jewelry.
  211. Make a zipper bracelet.
  212. Make good conversation.
  213. Make a stencil.
  214. Make a photo album. 
  215. Make a handbound book.
  216. Make hand soap.
  217. Make body wash.
  218. Make a trip to the farmers' market.
  219. Make a zine.
  220. Make a matchbox shrine.
  221. Make a fashion illustration.
  222. Make a meal.
  223. Make herb vinegar.
  224. Make infused olive oil.
  225. Make a cake.
  226. Make homemade salad dressing.
  227. Make a calendar with birthdays on it, or with fun and silly commemorative days.
  228. Make a lunch date.
  229. Make a trip to an arboretum.
  230. Make a trip to the movies.
  231. Make bruschetta.
  232. Make pesto.
  233. Make a new memory with an old friend.
  234. Make an inspiration board.
  235. Make coffee- or-tea stained paper or fabric.
  236. Make a donation to a worthy cause.
  237. Make a trip on a train.
  238. Make a tablescape.
  239. Make a fancy coffee drink.
  240. Make popsicles. 
  241. Make a windowsill herb garden.
  242. Make wind chimes.
  243. Make a casserole for a busy friend.
  244. Make a sundae bar for family or friends to enjoy.
  245. Make a painted or mosaic flower pot.
  246. Make a basket.
  247. Make chocolate covered strawberries.
  248. Make a costume.
  249. Make a trip to the beach.
  250. Make homemade pasta.

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