100 Creative Actions

Who doesn't love a Top 100 list?  Just do an online search for "Top 100," and you will see just how popular the exercise is--for every area of interest under the sun. 

After seeing a few wonderful lists geared toward artistic inspiration, I decided to compile my own list of 100 Creative Actions.  They include things I have done, as well as things I plan to do.  They include fairly universal activities, items that I've dreamed up on my own, and several things that I have outright stolen from other lists.  (I have links to the three lists I "borrowed" from heavily at the bottom of this page.) 

As I write blog posts about these various topics, I will include links you can visit as part of the list, as well.  Feel free to comment with some Creative Action Ideas of your own!  I am always happy to hear another great idea.

100 Creative Actions

1.       Write a letter to yourself in the future.

2.       Write a letter to yourself in the past.

3.       Write a letter to each of your children for them to read when they leave home for the first time.

4.       Write a haiku.

5.       Fill an entire page of your journal with small circles.

6.       List all of the places you have ever lived.

7.       Make pencil rubbings of 6 different surfaces inside.

8.       Make pencil rubbings of 6 different surfaces outside.

9.       List the 10 most important things in your life (not including people or animals).

10.   Glue a photo of yourself as a child into your journal.

11.   Create an image using dots.

12.   Write a list of all the things you do to escape.

13.   Plan a creative date with your partner.

14.   Learn to juggle.

15.   Teach yourself a magic trick.

16.   Spend some time daydreaming.

17.   Check out art and crafting books at the library.

18.   Write your creative mission statement.

20.   Take your camera along with you, and live your day as though you are a tourist.

21.   Develop a daily creative practice—an art journal page, index card, ATC, poem, or photograph.

23.   Buy yourself a new roll of decorative tape or a pack of stickers, and use them everywhere.

24.   Take time at the end of the day to make a list—written or in your head—of everything you did accomplish.

25.   Create a series of exquisite cadavers using fashion magazines and clothing catalogs.

26.   Bookmark your favorite creative blogs.

28.   Write a crayon resist note to a friend.

29.   Start a scrap journal.

30.   Find a new way to organize something that bugs you.

31.   Join a swap.

32.   Draw on old book pages.

34.   Buy yourself a new blank book.

35.   Make your own stickers. 

38.   Start a file of projects and techniques to try.

39.   Make art with children.

41.   Try a new recipe or cook with an ingredient you’ve never used before.

43.   Create your own personal stationery.

44.   Go to the zoo.

45.   Make a list of your favorite memories.

46.   Organize an art supply swap.

47.   Learn a poem by heart.

48.   Cut words from a novel and pictures from a magazine to use in a collage.

49.   Shop for art supplies at the dollar store.

50.   Shop for art supplies at the hardware store.

51.   Shop for art supplies at the party store.

52.   Shop for art supplies at the grocery store.

53.   Collect art supplies from nature.

54.   Visit an art gallery or museum.

56.   Sit outside and draw in your journal.

57.   Draw with sidewalk chalk.

59.   Play with play dough.

60.   Go for a walk in the sunshine.  In the snow.  In the rain.  In the dark.

61.   Write an eBook.

62.   Watch a classic move you’ve always wanted to see.

63.   Create a self-portrait.

68.   Play around with a Dymo label maker. 

70.   Watch a You Tube/Vimeo video to learn something new.

72.   Go garage sale-ing EARLY one Saturday morning.

73.   Sit in a busy public place (like the mall food court) and eavesdrop on people sitting near you.

74.   Make a list of things you are tolerating and fix them. 

75.   Record an interesting voice mail message.

76.   Change your Facebook profile picture, and make it fun.

77.   Have an art picnic.

78.   Make a handmade gift and card for someone instead of going out to buy it.

79.   Complete a project or try a technique you have bookmarked for later.

80.   Wear an article of clothing you don’t usually wear—a Fedora, striped tights, chandelier earrings, a silk scarf.

81.   Make your own Creative To Do list.

82.   Start a blog and commit to posting about your creative life at least once a week.

83.   Start a mail art friendship with someone.

84.   Decorate cookies with frosting and sprinkles (or any way you want!).

85.   Photograph your collections.  What collections do you have that you didn’t even realize?

86.   Spend the morning at the park, garden, or arboretum.  Take your camera and/or notebook and pen.  Spend time sitting still and soaking in your surroundings.

87.   Document your week in paper scraps.

88.   Do a scratch art picture.

89.   Create colorful backgrounds with a salad spinner.

90.   Visit someplace within an hour of your home that you’ve never been before.

91.   Buy a pair of cheap, colorful sunglasses.

92.   Leave nice, anonymous notes for strangers.

93.   Carve your own rubber stamp.

94.   Start keeping a daily diary again.

95.   Design and create a calling card for yourself.

96.   Add something to your environment that makes you smile every time you see it (like a string of white Christmas lights left up all year).

97.   Go a whole day (week??) without Facebook, Twitter, email, blogs, etc.  What will you do with your time??

98.   Create an shuffle of energetic songs for your iPod.  Put them on a CD to share with a friend.

100.                         Bless someone with a Random Act of Kindness.

      As I mentioned at the top of the page, I borrowed heavily from three great 100 Idea Lists for some of the items you see listed here.  Follow these links to find even more great possibilities to add creativity into your life:

More lists of 100 actions I've found:


uncustomary said...

Andria!! This is so exciting! I'm flattered that I was a part of your inspiration. Also, my favorite is #89. I don't even understand what a salad spinner is but you can bet your butt I'm buying one ASAP. :-) <333 Good luck with accomplishing these!! I'll keep you updated on my list and ones I do from yours too.

Jo Murray said...

This will take me some time....Hmmmmm.

Bad Jones Rising said...

6 word memoir. I think I better wait a few more years for that because all I could come up with was busy, busy, busy. lol

Fantastic List. F A N T A S T I C

Tanya said...

Love this idea! Off to do more reading...

Unknown said...

What a great idea! Loved your suggestions! I'll be using some of them for sure!