Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Art Journal Round Robin: New Pages!

As I've mentioned in previous posts, I am participating in my first Art Journal Round Robin this year with Janet, Mary, and Danielle.  Our books have now made their way around to every person, and have just begun their second journey to each participants' home.

Most recently, I have had the pleasure of working in Mary's art journal.  I just love the vibrant colors of her book's cover; it has a modern graffiti-style.
I'll take you on a quick tour of its already-amazing pages, and then share the two spreads I contributed before passing it on.

From the book-creator and owner herself, Mary:
You can see her hand-painted papers from the cover on the left side, and Mary's signature pen-and-ink portraits on text pages on the right.
Her next spread incorporates colorful and quirky flowers, and a fun border, which I always think of as "Teesha-style."
Here's another great Mary portrait with graphic elements in the borders.  Now that I've sent the journal on, I'm not sure whether Mary completed three spreads in the journal, or if I have accidentally included a spread of hers from someone else's book.  No matter; it is only our gain to see more examples of her work!

And from Janet:
If you know Janet's work from her blog, then you know that she is a prolific portrait artist, and she shared a signature lady's face in Mary's journal.
I love that swooping hat and those full lips on this flirty lady!
Janet is also great with texture, as evidenced on this second spread in Mary's journal.  I'm not sure if she used modeling paste through a stencil with this, but it makes for a very tactile journal experience!

From Danielle:
Danielle's signature style, I have come to see, includes scrapbooking elements, combined to create art journaling spreads with plenty of positive messages.
Her pages give you lots of fun elements to look at as your eyes move across her spreads.

And now for my contributions to Mary's book:
I have included one black acrylic-painted silhouette in each of our art journals.  I've tried to make sure that each one has been quite different, with its own positive message:  reach for the stars, stretch yourself, believe in yourself.   This time the message is a little different:  "Balance is over-rated.  Enjoy life out of balance."

I can't remember where I heard that quotation, but it has stuck with me like no other!  Whenever I read articles about trying to achieve balance in my life, I always think of this quotation, and it brings me some peace!  (Did I turn that "B" around intentionally, or was it a mistake?? I'll never tell!)
For my second spread, I decided to let the beauty of some of the vintage documents from the Allentown Paper Show speak for themselves, with the addition of a few stickers and borders.  I would be pretty content to glue a document to every page of a book and just flip through the pages, admiring the printed text, handwriting, and graphics.  But that's just me!

Mary's book is looking awesome, and it will make one more round to each of our homes before returning to her so she can check out the final product.  Now for me, it's back to Janet's book for another couple spreads.  An art journal round robin keeps you on your artistic toes!

I am linking up with Aimee's Glue It Tuesday, so stop by her link list to see what other great glue projects are going on around the country and the world!


Deborah Weber said...

Round robin projects can be such fun, and what a delight to peek into this journal.

aimee said...

it's beautiful and I love the variety of styles!

storybeader said...

your vintage paper is a great background to start with!
Cool! {:-Deb

Parabolic Muse said...

I always love it when you share things from the shows you go to!
Besides that, aren't round robins great? I love them, but right now I'm collaborating with just one other person. It's going slowly because I'm so slow!

I hope you and yours are well.

Caatje said...

It must be so wonderful to have these different journals come to your house and get to work in them. Love your pages! And that B was totally on purpose of course! ;-)

Janet said...

This is such a fun round robin...and it's my first. I'm so excited to know that my book will return to me filled with wonderful art from you, Mary, and Danielle.

Joyfulploys said...

Hi post quite often and I don't make it around soon enough. Yes, those are all three my spreads. I can't wait to get my journal back and see everything in real life. Thanks for sharing!

uncustomary said...

Such great variety!