Sunday, March 17, 2013

Stretch Yourself!

I received Danielle's journal for our Round Robin Art Journal exchange, and set to work on my contribution of two spreads in order to send it on to our next group member by our end-of-March deadline. 

Danielle selected one of the SMASH books for us to work in, so the pages already come with words or images, which we can incorporate into our designs, or cover over with our art.
For this page, I created a silhouette on the left page using black acrylic paint, arranging it so you can still read the pre-printed sentiment.  I added some doodles and tangles around the page, and sunbursts in the middle.
On the right page, I used various lettering styles to express the sentiment:  Stretch Yourself--Mind, Body, Spirit.  I used a piece of tape to cover up an existing border that didn't fit my black-and-white scheme for the spread.  I added more doodles on the page, and noted in some journaling that it is in going outside of our comfort zones that brings us growth--learning a new skill, lending a hand, venturing a new path. 


I hope you enjoyed your St. Patrick's Day!  In spite of rain, sleet, and a brief light snow, our family participated in our community parade, with the girls marching with their preschool.  There were some frozen fingers and more than a few whines to be carried along the parade route, but the girls declared St. Patrick's Day their "very favorite holiday!"  They haven't yet met a holiday they haven't loved.


lee said...

Loved your round robin pages, very creative, and the girls made me smile

VivJM said...

"They haven't yet met a holiday they haven't loved." Made me smile :-)
And great spread!

scrapwordsmom said...

I think you did awesome with that Smash page. I have a Smash book but have trouble using it...nice job!!!

daisy said...

Really great spread -- so open and joyful. And the girls are just the same -- open and joyful.

Janet said...

I like the journal spread you did. And the photo of your girls is so sweet. They have the cutest smiles.