Thursday, November 10, 2011

My New Toy

For quite awhile now, I've been wanting a binding machine to create my own books.  I love the idea of using old book covers--both paperback and hard cover--to create new books, and of putting together all kinds of interesting papers to create a book that is almost a collage itself.

Rather than waiting around for someone to pick it from my Christmas list, I decided to treat myself to the Cinch. 

Two fun packages arrived over the past two days...
binding wires from JoAnn, and...
the Cinch v2.0 from Amazon!
Normally when I get a new toy like this, it sits around for awhile.  I shove it from place to place, eyeball the instruction booklet, and put a million other tasks ahead of figuring it out.

Not this time!

Maybe because I had a few dozen things I ought to have been doing (to get ready for my craft show tomorrow night, and my daughter's birthday party the next day), I decided to mess around with the Cinch immediately.

It helped that I had watched a couple of videos on YouTube to compare the Cinch with the Bind-It-All, as well as the original Cinch with the version 2.0.  I recogized how all the parts worked, and in what order things needed to be done.

I found an old book of Mark Twain short stories that I bought at a library book sale, and decided to use its cover and some of the interior pages.  The most tedious part was cutting papers for my book, using Strathmore drawing paper that I raided from my kids' crafting cupboard.  I am definitely putting a guillotine-style paper cutter on my Chrstmas list now, because my Fiskar's paper trimmer and X-acto with a straight edge got old fast!
Debris from my project, and from testing out my new Cinch
Overall, the book came together more quickly than I expected.  One of my character flaws traits is the desire and expectation that I will be able to do everything perfectly the first time.  It quickly became apparent that this would not be the case with this project.  There were a few issues with my hole spacing, as well as with the cinching of my wires.  But here was the result:
Front cover
Back Cover
Spread with text page
The reviews I read and listened to for the Cinch mentioned that it is difficult to get the wires to bind with a perfect circle, and I found that to indeed be the case.
I am hoping that with some additional practice, I can get a better shape to my wires.  I think it would be fun to create books to sell, and I don't think I could sell something with this much distortion to its shape.

I like the circular holes that the Cinch punches better than the rectangular holes of the Bind-it-All, and my pages turn very easily on these wires. 

Overall, I'm happy with my purchase, and I look forward to playing around with it some more.  I might even make a few Christmas presents with it, if I can get the hang of it a little better!


scrapwordsmom said...

Oh boy I am just like YOU! I think that if I do it once that is enough and I should be great at it.

I have been wanting one of these things for several years...I should ask for one myself. I haven't thought of one thing to ask for yet for Christmas...great idea!

I will be thinking of you at your show.:)

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh I want one!! I have just come to know of these in the last short while, I would like very much to make my own watercolor paper journal and some one told me of these.. I have just found your blog today,, I'm your newest follower, best wishes from Canada,

Janet said...

A binding machine has been on my wish list for awhile now but I hadn't heard of this one. I'll have to do some checking now.

Good luck on your show!!

Carin Winkelman said...

Nice! I've been thinking about getting something like this, but in general I prefer non spiral bindings so I don't know if it would get used enough. Still it's a pretty neat toy to have. Hope you enjoy it very much. Also wishing you much much luck on your show. You'll be a hit no doubt! ;-)

Regina said...

How fun! I'd love one of those. I tried getting stuff bound at a copy shop once and it cost me a fortune!

Parabolic Muse said...

Hey, Andria, how was your show tonight?! I hope you had fabulous fun and show photos soon. You are much better at getting blogs posted than I am, so I know you'll have some news probably tomorrow.

Congrats for treating yourself! That's the ticket. I've eyed one of these machines and the bind it all for awhile. But I will wait until I satisfy every other craft/art itch before I invest in a new machine. I'll probably ask you for more of your thoughts on this when I get to buying one. I just love the idea of being able to bind all sorts of books, and even bind the postcards I've collected.

lee said...

you are one lucky girl, thanks for the review because I have been checking out machines because I want one, also good luck on your craft show and heres hoping you sell alot.