Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Making Books From Collected ATCs

Where does the time go?!

It is almost December, and I have so many different posts swirling around in my head. It's clearly time to sit down and share a project I've had in mind to tell you about for a couple of months now!
Remember this gem of a book? It gave me ideas for my booklace projects, and other bookbinding inspiration.

When author and bookbinder Erin Zamrzla suggested a Little League Score Book, I thought, "Well, I sure don't have any baseball trading cards to make that." But then it occurred to me that Artist Trading Cards (ATCs) I have received from my creative friends would make perfect book covers for this project.
There is artwork from Karen Ann Young, Steph Dodson (where did you go, Steph? I can't find you online!), Ronica Jones, and Rhonda H represented in these books.
The ATCs provide the front and back covers, while card stock is used to create the spine. A fairly simple ledger binder (i.e., pamphlet stitch) is used to sew the text weight paper together inside. 
I really like the fact that I've found a way to use the art that has been shared with me, rather than just tucking it away to look at when I think to pull out the ATCs I have stored away.  These notebooks are an ideal way to enjoy the art during everyday moments of life.
There is also one ATC that was created as a demonstration piece at the Invoke Arts table at a rubber stamp show I attended many years ago, as well.
I absolutely love how these little books turned out, and the 3-1/2 inch by 2-1/2 inch size makes a reasonable size for ideas, notes, and jottings.
For more bookbinding inspiration, please visit my Book and Journal Making board on Pinterest; there are enough ideas there to keep me busy for the rest of my days!


Jewels said...

What a great idea! I have a boatload of ATCs - thanks for the inspiration...

daisy said...

They turned out great! You could fill the pages with your beautiful zentangles!

Susanne said...

Those are fabulous!

Steph Dodson said...

I've got a new blog! :)

Love what you did with the ATCs. Such a great way to give them new life and show them off!