Sunday, September 18, 2016


What do you get when you turn an itty-bitty bound book into a necklace for on-the-go note jotting?

A booklace!
If you check out my Book and Journal Making board on Pinterest, you will see that I have a bit of an obsession with tiny books, and book necklaces.  When I checked out Erin Zamrzla's Handmade Books for Everyday Adventures from the local library, one of the first projects I worked on was her Necklace Book.
The project uses a very simple account book binding technique, which Erin describes very clearly in words and diagrams at the back of her book.
After cutting the cover and pages to size, only two holes are required at the top, with some simple threading with cord. (Her instructions call for nylon coated bead stringing wire, but I used stretchy cord that I already had in my supply stash.)
I added a little charm to one of the books for a little extra...charm!
The pages are tiny, but legitimately large enough to jot down a phone number, address, or book title you want to keep in mind.
I had a seven-year-old girl who was more than willing to model what the finished book necklaces look like!
Stay tuned, because I have many more book-making projects to share in the future.  For projects completed in the past, take a look at the Drawing Near posts labeled Book Making.


daisy said...

I still want one of these! I like the "laugh" charm VERY much!!

Jo Murray said...

A fabulous idea! Hope you don't mind if I copy.

Jewels said...

How fun! Off to look at your other book posts :)