Thursday, August 15, 2013

Getting Crafty at VBS

Each evening this week I've been heading to my church to work with three friends in the craft room of our Vacation Bible School. 
We've made mezuzahs, sandal necklaces, and tambourines, and we'll add key chains and scratch art to our creations before the week is over.
Almost 100 children have been cycling through our room each evening, from kindergarten-aged to fifth grade.  What a treat it has been to work with these kids, along with their crew leaders and junior helpers!
My fellow station leaders and I were a little taken aback at the prospect of the kids working from the floor, with no chairs.  But sitting on the floor has added to the relaxed atmosphere, and not having chairs has removed a host of potential discipline issues (things kids like to do, like lean back dangerously or scuff their chairs around while someone is trying to give directions!).
We have twenty minutes with each group, and when there is extra time left at the end of the craft, we have coloring pages, or we just sing and dance to the VBS music CD.  I am loving the opportunity to get crafty with my church family at Vacation Bible School this year!
We've been confronting some tough problems in our midst recently, in the aftermath of our pastor resigning and our congregation dividing itself according to their responses to his actions.  Seeing this faithful remnant committing themselves to doing God's work among the children in spite of the havoc we adults always seem to manage to wreak on our communities does my heart good!


Anne said...

Looks like the crafts are really holding their attention! And turning out well besides! Glad you're having fun.

Jane LaFazio said...

Did the resigning pastor take the chairs with him?
I love working with kids, and it looks like you are enjoying it too. It's soo important for kids to make stuff!

Patty Antle said...

I always loved VBS. The idea of no chairs I think is a good one - wouldn't have thought of that. The music was always fun too. You have mad skills for the creative classes.

Parabolic Muse said...

WOW! This is a bevy of activity!

I'm intrigued about the changes at your church. I hope things are going well.

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