Monday, December 10, 2012

Another Christmas Quickie: Thumbprint Reindeer

Today the girls and I created Christmas cards featuring reindeer made out of our thumbprints.
The original project, as it appeared in Disney's Family Fun magazine, called for tiny little google eyes and little pom-pom noses.
We made do with drawn-in eyes (I offered to make a trip to JoAnn for the googlies, but the girls opted to stay home!) and paper-punched circles for noses.

I think they came out pretty cute.
Well, my three-year-olds' reindeer looked maybe just a little bit spooky!

She's not "into" crafting much, and likes to take things in her own direction.  She had a grand old time drawing antlers that swooped around the entire page.  And her mouth placement showed me that she didn't quite understand that those were noses she glued at the bottom of the reindeer faces!

My five-year-old sent me into fits of laughter when she decided to give one of her reindeer a mustache.  (More questionable nose placement...)  Priceless!
And I was not to be left out!  I created some thumbprint reindeer of my own.  It's so funny how a project that takes a grown up about five or ten minutes to complete will fill up at least 30 to 40 minutes of a preschooler's afternoon.
Now, don't you think the girls' teachers will enjoy getting little thumbprint reindeer cards? 
You don't need kids to try this one, folks.  Just a brown ink pad, a brown marker, and a hole punch with some brown and red paper.  It's the simple things that make the holidays sweet!

Happy Holidays!


laurie said...

oh so cute! as a teacher, i would be honored to receive a hand-made card like this from a student. i love crafting with kids and the diversity it brings.

Curious said...

Awsss, adorable!! ;v; ... looks fun XD

uncustomary said...

This is awesome. We did this thing at work recently where our art teacher drew a tree and the staff and members pressed their thumbs in green ink to create the leaves. One person (we still haven't figured out who!) made a GIANT thumb print. Like.. bigger than a huge big toe. Anyway, now I need to find some brown ink.

bellefrogworks said...

Just adorable - will do with my 7 yo grandson and send to his uncles for Christmas! said...

Aww... "super fun!"
These are soooo cute! :]

Anne said...

I loved the creative reindeer --
but I enjoyed your comments equally!

Jo Murray said...

That's too cute for words...I like the three-year olds.

Caatje said...

These made me happy! What fun!

donna!ee said...

so so clever...what a happy way to create! thank you much for sharing, i never would have known. blest be ;D

Karenann Young said...

You have some great projects!!! Thanks for sharing!!! said...

What a fun project for you and your girls. Very cute.

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