Wednesday, July 6, 2011

WOYWW: Happy Birthday, USA! and Tangles, Too

On Monday, we celebrated our Independence Day by watching our local 4th of July parade:
{Bayla and I}

The parade features mostly vintage cars, loud fire trucks, a few local politicians, and a couple of churches advertising Vacation Bible School. The highlight for me is the live elephant advertising the Republican Party (though this year he seemed kind of small and tired). There is an awesome string band and some bagpipers, too.
{Katy took her job of waving to parade participants very seriously!}

I asked my three-year-old afterwards what her favorite part was, and she said, “The drums!” A girl after my own heart—I have always loved the rhythmic boom of drums during parades and half-time shows.
{Bayla and Michael}

The parade ends at our Veterans' Memorial Park, where there is a band, pony rides, playground equipment, and free ice cream. It was a great way to begin teaching the girls about “America’s birthday”!

It is WOYWW, of course, so here’s a view of what’s been going on:

You know what I love about drawing Zentangles? The simplicity of the supplies! Everything else I do requires paper, glue stick, scissors, paint, gel medium, rubber stamps, ink pads, embossing powder…and it goes on and on. To draw a Zentangle, I just need my paper and my Sharpie!

I’ve always done them in black, but this time I threw an orange butterfly into the mix.
I recently bought Zentangle 4, and have gotten lots of inspiration from it. I was not particularly impressed with Zentangle 2, not really liking any of the tangle designs presented. The 4th in the series has tangles that appeal to me, and emphasizes tangling in shapes, like butterflies and handprints and letters, all of which appeal to me greatly!
If you want to see what other folks are up to this week in the world of art, crafting, and creativity, check out the WOYWW participants’ list over at Julia’s Stamping Ground!

Happy WOYWW!


RosA said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! Those are great zentangle designs. I can see them being turned into screen printed fabric or something like that!

Angie said...

Wow your zentangling ...haven't done any for ages where are my pens???? must look out for that book too.

donnalouiserodgers said...

fab zentangle s and lovely family images


scrapwordsmom said...

WOW these are cool and that bold beautiful orange butterfly in the mix completes it!! I have heard of these but never tried. It might be my next thing:)

Your girlies are adorable!!

Jacqueline said...

Love your designs - brilliant - Jacqueline xx.

miracler52 said...

U2 kicked ass at Soldier Field last night...BONO!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you all had a great time at the parade. Those zentangles are amazing, such detail!


Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures, You look a lot like my neighbor gal. Love the look of the Zentangle's . Something new to me.
We had perfect weather the 4th so was a great day outside.

Scrapcollectr said...

I researched Zentangles when I first heard them mentioned and they do have their appeal. I think they bring the heart rate down the way that knitting does, for example. Plus it looks so cool . Love yours. Now I know why I shouldn't have passed up that blank sketch pad I saw at the Dollar store! Thanks for visiting me...

Joyfulploys said...

Thanks for coming by...your zentangles are great designs. You have a lovely family!

J.A. Martin said...

I've never heard of Zentangles, but they look amazing. And it looked like your family had a great 4th! :-)

lori vliegen said...

it looks like you and your sweet family had a great time at the parade! and can i just tell you how fabulous your zentangles are? that orange butterfly really pops.....wonderful!! :))

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

Wonderfully intricate zentangles you have drawn.

Spyder said...

definitely going to hop over to the zentangle links these are fabulous! hAPPY woyWw

Anne said...

Your zentangle designs are amazing. Love the orange butterfly! My head knows it's supposed to be relaxing "doodling" but somehow mine never look as "finished" as yours do.

fairyrocks said...

Your doodle art is stunning. I am wild about the butterfly on top, well done
Keep smiling and creating

Janet said...

Wow....I love the orange butterfly zentangle!!

Carin Winkelman said...

Ooh, I love the one with the butterfly. Zentangles are one of the many things that are on my long list of things to try one day. Nice work.

okienurse said...

awesome pictures of the family on the 4th. Love the small town parades and try to go every year to ours! Love the Zentangles and that butterfly just pops out of there doesn't it! Thanks for sharing. Vickie #44

SueH said...

Great work!

I always used to doodle like that all over my books when I was at school in the 60’s, didn’t realise there was a name for it though.

Thanks for stopping by this week and Happy Crafting!