Thursday, March 3, 2011

Leavin' on a Jet Plane

I have special plans this weekend. Tomorrow morning I’m leaving my husband home with the girls, and my mother and I are boarding an airplane to fly “home” to Columbia, South Carolina.

I’ve been back to Columbia many times since I moved away at age twelve: lots of Christmas visits, several summer vacations, and one priceless road trip to introduce my grandmother to her first great-grandchild the year before she died.

But I’ve never been back to watch my cousin walk down the aisle. And to have lunch with my best friend from second grade whom I have not seen in at least 28 years. And to stay overnight in my grandparents’ mobile home now that they are no longer alive to greet me on the front porch and welcome me with meals and warmth and hugs and love.

So this should be a very interesting weekend for me: a nod to my past and a celebration of my cousin’s future…a chance to celebrate and reconnect and reminisce and revisit, but nothing quite the same as I remember…bittersweet, as nostalgia usually seems to be.

"See" you next week!

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Susan said...

I love it, Andria !! Can't wait to see you Saturday ~~))