Sunday, January 1, 2017

Make It/365!

I've been enjoying the new trend of tossing out terms like "artist," "crafter," "sculptor," "sewist," or "book binder," in favor of the more general term, "maker."

Being a "maker" feels like it has fewer restrictions.  Maybe it appeals to me because I dabble in so many areas that I can't really tie myself down to a single category.  I make books, collages, paper crafts, mail art, crocheted blankets, etc.--I'm a maker!
I ran across the blog A Playful Day last month, and discovered Kate's project called The Maker's Year.  During 2016, she encouraged participants to document their "daily making."  She opened the concept of "making" widely, in order to encompass "photography to upcycling, gardening to writing, weaving to baking."

I tend to think of "making" even MORE broadly. After first encountering Kate's project, I made a list of everything I made the very next day, and this is what "counted" for me that day in November:

What did I make today?
  • I made a bathroom vanity shine.
  • I made a new blog post.
  • I made new online connections by joining a Facebook group I just discovered.
  • I made my daughter's bed fresh with clean sheets and blankets.
  • I made a pile of laundered clothing.
  • I made a delicious dinner for my husband from a recipe we both enjoy.
  • I made a safe and cozy home for our new rescued kitten.
  • I made the startling discovery that my daughters will eat green peas without complaint when every other vegetable causes one or the other to whine pitifully (and I don't even like peas myself!).
  • I made a smoothie for my lunch and a percolator full of coffee to enjoy.
  • I made an appointment to attend two upcoming art/craft workshops at the library.
  • I made a loaf of chocolate chip banana bread. 
  • I made additional preparations for my daughter's upcoming birthday party.
  • I made it on time to drop off and pick up my girls from school.
  • I made my bed.
  • I made my daughters laugh by being silly.
  • I made my daughters think by reading our daily devotion and praying with them.
  • I made notes for my adult Sunday school class.
  • I made oatmeal granola for breakfast.
  • I made a list of things I made today.

That's all in one day, folks! That's a lot of making, when I'm willing to define it broadly.

In that spirit, I am launching my own personal Make It/365! project for 2017.  I am in the process of brainstorming 365 things to make throughout the year.  (Help a girl out: I'm only in the 200s! I need some more ideas!)
You can find my growing list in a separate tab at the top of this blog.  I am debating about how much to try to document my efforts; I can get bogged down in documentation, when I really just want to encourage myself to engage in daily making, and to value all the ways that I engage in making each day.

Please join me in being intentional about setting aside 2017 as a year for MAKING!  Let's use our hands and the other creative tools at our disposal to bring beauty, life, and imagination into our world.  I will include you in my journey, and I hope you will include me in yours in return!

Happy New Year!


Emie58 said...

I read your list and here are a few things you could add.. Make... herb vinegar, infused olive oil, a bath bomb, greeting card or postcard, pie or cake, homemade salad dressing, a calendar with birthdays on it, lunch date, artist date (museum etc), a trip to an arboretum, trip to a movie, homemade herbal tea, Bruschetta or crostini, earrings, mimosa or margarita, pesto, a new memory with an old friend, an inspiration board, tea or coffee dyed paper or fabric, a cheese ball, an afternoon drive, a donation of time to a worthy cause, a trip on a train, a trip to a new cafe, a trip to volunteer, a promise, photo collage, a fancy table setting, a floral arrangement with fresh flowers, a painted mason jar to use as a vase, a fancy coffee drink, DIY toothpaste, mulled cider, donuts, cupcakes, fruit salad, smoothies, milkshakes, popsicles, a windowsill herb garden, pancakes, a prayer flag, a centerpiece, candle, an unexpected note to someone, a sundae bar, tacos, fresh french fries, wind chime, a painted flower pot, perfume, a Christmas ornament, a casserole for a busy friend, a basket, chocolate covered strawberries, peanut butter cups, macrame wall hanging, crocheted scrubbies, Halloween costume, a trip to the ocean or pool, a picnic, a date for a concert or music event, tickets for free babysitting, a trip to a library, homemade pasta, a new playlist... I hope I didn't repeat any of the ones you listed.... hope this helps a bit. Good Luck!

Jewels said...

Wow that is quite the list Andria! Can't think of any more - I, on the other hand, have a pretty short list besides my regular art date. I want to make a proper bound book (it's not like I haven't watched enough videos on how to do lol) and to teach an art class (which is going to be a reality hopefully in May at our local art center....All the best for 2017 - I will be checking back to see how you do (p.s. I am trying to blog more so you will me more active there....) hugs. J (oh, add Make mail art to swap with Jewels - how about that LOL)

daisy said...

I love how you broadened the "making" term. So often I feel I'm neglecting what little "art" I do -- but I'm making every day! You gave a whole new appreciation for the way a woman makes life good for herself and everyone she touches!! Just continue to make time for the artful, creative "makings" you do so well!

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