Monday, April 11, 2016

The Return of Drawing Near

And just like that--without notice or fanfare--I am returning to my little creative corner of the Interwebs.
The mess on my work table NEVER went away!
I miss keeping track of my creative pursuits.  While writing for my Living Stones blog and working on a larger writing project, I have continued to "fill my creative well" with inspiration from creative excursions.  I've kept tabs on some of my blogging friends, though I haven't been an active comment-er on others' posts.  And I've kept Studio 791 abuzz with activity, though I haven't felt the need to stop and snap pictures along the way to archive projects for the blog.
A recent mail art project.  Hmmm...who will be receiving this soon?
Now that I'm back, my posts will probably be a little more image-heavy, rather than text-heavy.  Just some peeks at my studio, projects, and excursions.  I'm not going to lie--it was a nice, almost-year-long break from writing blog posts, giving me the freedom to DO without the rehashing.  But if I take it slowly and just dip my toes back in the water, so to speak, I think I can manage the benefits of blogging without the burdens.
And I hope to make it back around to blogging friends, and discover some new blogs that have blossomed during my absence!
Let me know if you have found your way back here again.  I am going to make a real effort to keep myself from getting caught up in the anxiety that hinges on page views and comments, but I look forward to reconnecting with people who take the time to visit, and folks whose interests intersect with mine.
So I guess I'll see you around!


Carin Winkelman said...

Yay, welcome back! Looking forward to more of your creative endeavours.

Jewels said...

I was just looking at my list of blogs I like to visit and wondered where you were up to these days! I am rubbish keeping my blog up to date (seem to be on Facebook more these days) but I do appreciate all the wonderful things other folks share...

LOVE the project you are showing - just my style :) said...

Yay -- you're back!!! I have missed your lovely creative posts. Welcome back. And I guess it would be really piggy to hope that mail is for me???? I think I owe YOU some mail since you sent me the Pocket Letter quite a while ago. I tried making them but wow--they are time consuming. Anyway, great to see you back!

Roni said...

Hello! Oh I am so excited! All of my blogging buddies are coming back to me! Robyn from Inspiration Junkie and Dawn from Girl Unwinding also have started blogging again. I have continuously blogged, but usually take breaks for holidays. I have always had you saved in my feedly, and was very excited to see you writing about your creative adventures again! I'm looking forward to it!

Linda said...

Hello Andria and welcome back. I was wondering what happened to you, although I haven't blogged in quite a while also. Anyway, good to see you again and look forward to your posts......Linda E.

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