Sunday, February 15, 2015

Frozen Beach Weekend/Giveaway Winners!

I spent this Valentine's weekend at a family retreat with my church in Harvey Cedars, New Jersey.  It's been a COLD weekend to spend at the beach, I'll tell you that.  Despite temperatures well below freezing and a wind that led me to dream of tornadoes last night, some of our youth were crazy enough to take a Polar Bear Plunge. 
With the bayside waters frozen to ice, I'm not even sure how they made it into the water! 

Look at those icicles under the pier!

The weekend color palette outside was basically limited to shades of grey and brown, but inside our retreat center, we enjoyed colorful days of food, fellowship, worship and song, teaching and learning, Bananagrams and CatchPhrase, intergenerational playtime and conversation...our annual retreat never disappoints!
Now that I am home, I've taken a moment to put all of the names from the commenters on my previous post on slips of paper in order to draw a winner for the first and second prizes.  The winner of Prize Pack #1 is Heather, which is lovely since she mentioned that her daughter would be able to make use of the un-opened packs of sticker letters.  And the winner of Prize Pack #2 is no stranger to winning giveaways on this blog; I'm pretty sure I've drawn Tina's name for at least one giveaway in the past!  So the selection of opened adhesive letters will be heading her way shortly. 

Thank you to those of you who entered the giveaway.  I hope to have some more Craft Closet Clean-Outs and other goodies in the future!


Jo Murray said...

Frozen beach!!!! Brrrrr. Congrats to both winners.

Sue Hare said...

Bananagrams and CatchPhrase - yeah!!!! And special fun people to play these games with!

Carin Winkelman said...

Ah yes, we have winters like that here sometimes, where the Wadden Sea starts to freeze. In the old days (before my time) the winters apparently could get so harsh that you could actually walk on the sea, but that hasn't happened in quite some time. Still big chunks of ice can still happen and make it hard for the ships to pass through. Last year and this year however we've had none of that, even though this winter is a bit colder than last years no winter. ;-) Weather like that makes you appreciate a warm place with friends and family even more I reckon. ;-)

lee said...

those pictures made me cold and I live in freezing alberta Canada, and would never go in water. Since teens have no cold button.