Saturday, April 26, 2014

That's Pinteresting!: Paper Crafting Edition

I've been browsing my Paper Crafting board on Pinterest, looking for some simple projects to complete.  As I've mentioned in the past, I justify all the time I spend "pinning" by making sure I go through my boards periodically and actually USE some of my pins!

For my first project, I used the business card design created by Ellie Snow of Mint to create some cards for my Living Stones Women's Ministry.  When I tell people about the group, I find myself scribbling down my email and blog address on a scrap of paper.  It makes much more sense to have cards with me that I can share with people who are interested.
I had to determine the information to include, as well as the font and the spacing.  After printing them out (eight to a page) on white cardstock, I cut them to size, then adhered different styles of tape to the middle.  Then I used a regular hole punch to punch the semi-circles on the sides, and tied baker's twine around the middle, tying it right at the center.

Here are some of my favorite decorative tapes for this project:
Another paper crafting project from my Pinterest pins involved making magnetic bookmarks.  I've made a zillion bookmarks in a zillion different styles, but I never grow tired of trying something new.
The design for these comes from Lisa at A Cuppa Tea With Me.  I cut pretty pieces of double-sided scrapbooking paper to 8 inches by 3 inches.  I stitched all around the edges (an optional step--I just love the look of stitched paper), and folded the paper in two.
On the inside, I used two squares of Dymo self-adhesive magnetic tape.  When the bookmark is closed around a page, the two pieces of magnet catch and hold in place!
Having double-sided paper isn't strictly necessary, but it makes the bookmark look that much nicer no matter how you look at it.
For my third paper crafting project, I created yet another little notebook--something else I can't get enough of!
I used a design from Carolyn of Homework.  She used business envelope liners for all of her inside scratch pages, but I thought my handwritten notes might not show up well on them.  I included a business envelope liner page at the front and the back only, and used scrap computer paper from my husband's home office for the rest of the  pages.     
Each page got two small holes punched at the top, and baker's twine threaded through the holes tie all the pages to one another and to the back cover.
Double-sided scrapbook paper makes for a prettier project with these, too, as well as color-coordinated baker's twine to tie all the pages together.
Stay tuned for more projects from my Paper Crafting Pinterest board. There are sure to be more!


Jewels said...

All very cool and so simple to do! Thanks for sharing... said...

I love how you did all these projects! Much better than just pinning.

Beverley Baird said...

I'm guilty of pinning and not using them. Great idea to go back and actually create. Love your projects.

Tina said...

Love all of these but especially the bookmarks! Thanks for passing along the inspiration!

Sue said...

Love the magnet bookmark idea. Thank you for sharing.

Maria Ontiveros said...

These just remind me of why I love paper so much!

Carin Winkelman said...

Cute stuff! I love how you keep exploring new ideas.

Parabolic Muse said...

Andria, your work is so detail and impeccable. Those Living Stones cards are so beautiful! And the magnet bookmarks are a great idea, especially with the stitching. I have plans to stitch more in the near future, but my work has been on heavy card lately, and I didn't think my machine would hold it.

I hope you are in Hanna's postcard swap and that I get one from you!