Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

I can think of no better way to wish you a happy new year than to share with you the delightful invitation I received from the Queen of Encouragement herself, Mary England:
And if you want some great suggestions for making 2014 your best year yet, check out Mary's suggestions of fifteen resolutions that can be applicable to everyone.  I see several on her list that I will be considering more deeply over the next few months!

Besides working through the New Year's Revolution packet from Do What You Love, I have also signed up for Lisa Sonora Beam's online class called Root:  A 30 Day Journal Project.  Check out the link if you think you might want to sign up, too!  Class began today, and there is already a vibrant Facebook community getting underway.

Sincerely wishing you a happy, healthy, creative, loving, contentment-filled 2014!


Maria Ontiveros said...

I also downloaded the New Year's Revolution and just purchased a class where you copy from Master Painters. Will post about it on my blog soon.

Victoria said...

Great idea, Thanks Andria.
I'm also doing :The Documented Life Project:

Happy New Year,

Victoria said...

Great idea, Thanks Andria.
I'm also doing :The Documented Life Project:

Happy New Year,

uncustomary said...

<3 I'm so glad you liked it. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Jo Murray said...

Happy New Year Andria....and thanks for the links. Have downloaded the New Year Revolution looks worth doing.

Bad Jones Rising said...

Hey lady, I just got done putting your name on an envelope! I know that you are one of my blog friends that is always finding some new challenge or project and here it is! I did sign up for the ROOT challenge, it fits into my daily routine. I alread journal/write/or sketch everyday but I find myself losing meaning sometimes. It's just warming up. Hopefully, I can get a bit of inspiration from all the others participating!

Happiest of new years to you and I hope you are well. Look forward to the future posts!

Miss ya!

Adriann said...

Happy New Year! It's been a busy artful 2013 for you. I look forward to see what you create in 2014. Received the lovely postcard. Thx!

Parabolic Muse said...

Okay, I am going to look at all your links! I love looking at links. I should post more links.

However, I've joined two things already this year and cannot possibly join anything else! I have learned that I am not a do-everything well type of person, like yourself!

Happy new Year!

Mihaela said...

On my side I am busy with Leonie Dawson's Create Your Amazing Year, plus I've started a year long online course called Lifebook2014. I'm done with the online classes for the moment :)