Sunday, September 15, 2013

Because I Didn't Have Enough Stuff Yet...

September is Garage Sale/ Yard Sale/ Flea Market heaven around here!  
Last weekend, my family and I came away with loot from the Media Garage Sale Days
and today we headed to a local community college for a fantastic annual flea market.
The market is held on a tiered parking lot, so we start at the top, and work our way 
down hills and stairways to get to the bottom of the lot.  
I heard plenty of people disparaging the things that people were selling, with one man 
vehemently chastising his girlfriend for wanting to buy other people's junk.  
Personally, I thought most of the tables were pretty awesome!
My girls love to rifle through all of the cars that are for sale.  At one place, a man had 
a couple of BIG cars marked "free"....jackpot for my little tomboys!
I was looking for some things based on projects I've been pinning on Pinterest lately.  Plus, I have a hard time passing up glass bottles, as you might have noticed!  So, here are my flea market purchases:
Glass bottles, a tin, two folding yardsticks, a bag of vintage photos, and a set 
of vintage cookie cutters--all for less than $9!

I am perhaps most pleased with having found a $3 Lite Brite board for the girls!  
I have fond memories of playing Lite Brite with my sister.  I wasn't sure my girls were 
old enough to be able to do it, but they spent the afternoon happily working together--
yes, I said "working together"!--on a couple of the Lite Brite pictures.  
My husband also bought the "Charlotte's Web" movie (the 2006 version, not the 1973 
animated favorite from my childhood!), so we enjoyed that this afternoon, as well.  

I think I am fortified enough with weekend fun and family time to boost me into this new week of drop-off and pick-up schedules, doctor and dentist appointments, and some major housekeeping tasks around here!


scrapwordsmom said...

Aww....I loved my Lite Brite!!! Too fun:0

Anne said...

Ya know those "vintage" cookie cutters you got! I have half a dozen that I still use!! I don't need an antique shop -- just go to my kitchen! Looks like you had lots of fun. Wonderful that the girls are growing up learning to appreciate "finds"!

iHanna said...

Fun to follow along on your adventure! I went to a flea market this weekend too, and my favorite find was a roll of plastic wall paper, probably will end up as a journal book cover. :-)

Naomi said...

How fun! I would have snatched up lots of those 4/$1 cars for my little one. You scored bigtime! I LOVED LightBright too. Oh, and we just got that exact Charlotte's Web also. :)

Sarah said...

Light bright! That brings back memories!

Janet said...

Do we ever have enough stuff! Love all your finds and especially like that the girls got those cool cars for free. said...

Flea market, oh what fun!!! :]
** such treasures to find **

Parabolic Muse said...

Brite Lite?! are you kidding?! I"m very jealous.

I don't know why people are so judgmental about reusing and thrifting, but they just can't help themselves. It's like white noise to me now. I ignore as much negative noise as possible. There's usually something else going on under there that is about THEM.