Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Around Here

You know how so many people use blogging and social media to present the "perfect" side of life, their words and images projecting the idea that nothing ever goes wrong in their idyllic homes?

Today's post shares words and images of that kind of idyllic day around here.  Yesterday.  Today, however, is a totally different kind of day, about as opposed to the domestic bliss of yesterday that a house with two tempestuous preschoolers can manage!

But posting these photos from yesterday, reviewing what a lovely and productive day it was, will help me get through the "opposite day" that today has proven to be!

So, around here, YESTERDAY:

I worked to preserve some of my bumper crop of basil before the chilly months of fall and winter set in. Some I just put on the countertop in a vase; I read that basil develops roots in water, and will last for a couple of months.  If that proves true, I will bring in some more at the end of September.
I also chopped a bunch of the leaves, put them into ice cube trays, and covered them in water.  I will be popping them out of the trays and storing them in a freezer bag for easy retrieval for spaghetti sauce and other preparations, come winter.  The smell and taste of fresh basil just about TOPS my list of favorites, and I think it will be a great antidote to wintertime blues.
Soon, I am planning to use some of my basil to create basil butter, which can be frozen for up to six months, and maybe even some basil salt.

Feeling fabulously domestic at that point, I made some banana bread to use up some especially mushy bananas headed straight for the garbage if I didn't do something soon:
And, as a final project, I cleaned up my $2 worth of "thrift store finds" in preparation for a project I've seen pinned in numerous variations on Pinterest.  People glue all manner of plates, platters, bowls, burner covers, candlesticks, spindles, and dowels to create tiered organizers for a multitude of different uses.  I've pinned a couple versions on my Miscellaneous Craft Projects board.
I used Gorilla Glue to adhere my two tiers--a plate and a bowl--to a candlestick holder.  If a proper third tier presents itself on a future thrift store venture, then I will add it, but for now this is what I've got:
Perhaps a desktop organizer for frequently-used paints and mark-making tools, like 
natural sponges, old credit cards, droppers, milk bottle lids, and makeup sponges.
Or perhaps a project organizer, holding the bottles I plan to alter with 
some of the paper materials I plan to use to embellish them.
Or perhaps it is best suited to hold tried-and-true office supplies, like paper clips,
 rubber bands, staplers, staples, and a staple remover.  

I'm not sure how I'll end up using it, but you can be sure that I am eyeballing everything in my craft room, looking for its perfect employment.  I also think it would make a great chip-and-dip presentation at a party, or perhaps veggies and dip!  But with art supplies competing, I don't think it will end up in the kitchen.

Best wishes for your own domestic bliss and creative re-use!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful article and project!

Linda Gibbons said...

Love this! Would look great in a kitchen too, spice cans on the bottom and fruit in the top.

Janet said...

I'm drooling over your banana bread. It looks delicious. And what a good idea to freeze the basil.

I also like your project dish/thingie. I bet you can find all sorts of ways to use it...and maybe even make a few more.

Anne said...

I love your project, all the things you accomplished -- but mostly I love how you can look back on a satisfying day to carry you past a bleaker one. Good work on all fronts!

Sue said...

I especially liked your tiered project for organizing. Glad to see that the Gorilla Glue works well. Thank you for sharing.

Adriann said...

I just love those uber productive days! Love how your project turned out. I can smell the banana bread from here...um, um good!

Dianne said...

Way cool little organizer! I am sure that you are in the minority that you actually MADE something that is on Pinterest! most of us just wish...! a fun post, and the bread does look yummy. I've been thinking about pumpkin bread lately. maybe today will be a baking day...thanks for the inspiration!

Parabolic Muse said...

I LOVE liquitex soft body acrylics! I would buy more if I could. When I'm back to painting regularly, I'll splurge.

Around here we reuse just about anything we can. I haven't baked anything in a year. That bread looks awesome.