Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Glue It Tuesday: Rolodex Cards

What is a sure-fire way to clutter up a tidy work space?

Why, collage, of course!
After clearing the decks in the my craft room to make way for actual creative productivity, I pulled out my shoe box of smallest scraps to create some new Rolodex cards.  I've missed the last two weeks of Glue It Tuesday over at Artsyville, and I knew that I was a prime candidate for a little cut-and-paste therapy.  I love the whole process of sorting through the tiny scraps; deciding whether to arrange them by color, theme, or some other way; and gluing them down to create these mini-masterpieces.
Sometimes I run across a picture I like so much, that I don't think I want to add anything to it at all!
I have one card awaiting a final arrangement of some Found Poetry:
If you would like to see what my work table BEFORE last night's Collage Fest, check out my last post here!

Wishing you sticky fingers on this Glue It Tuesday!


scrapwordsmom said...

Oh I am doing something like this with ATC cards...just going through all my little bits. I do have trouble just letting go and gluing tho...I think too much. Thanks for the much needed inspiration!

Patty said...

How fun! Do you have a rolodex die cut?

aprilmariecole.blogspot.com said...

Love seeing your altered Rolodex cards... So inspiring Andria. ~xx

** it has been awhile since I have altered one.
Yours are beautiful. :)

iHanna said...

How fun to work in that tiny format, and to keep filling a rolodex! Your pics are so cute.

Happy Glue it Tuesday!

millicent said...

Fun! I need to find an old Rolodex and try some of those little collages- Love it.

Karyna @ PaperSquid said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Karyna @ PaperSquid said...

I love the rolodex collages, that's an awesome idea and looks cool. And it's funny that you call it "cut and paste therapy", it totally is! That's at least how it felt for me this week. :D Nice

rachel awes said...

sweet collage! lovely to "meet" you!

Deborah Weber said...

Love your rolodex card project - how fun!

Anonymous said...

I love the little rolodex card collages. What a great place to keep them all and easy to flip through and enjoy!

Parabolic Muse said...

Andria, you are the best collage-er I know. I'm sorry, but it's true. You are neat, you have a great eye for what pops, and you must have more ephemera than even I do! I must do another rolodex card swap with you. I can't even find things any more. I hope I can find them.

hula-la said...

I love this!!! I just found this project from some CRAZY GUYS...and then I saw yours. I just started my ROLLING ART today! I am sharing it with my ARTY TEA PARTY group! THIS IS GREAT FUN!

Joyfulploys said...

Andria....I got your postcard today...thanks...I like your stamps :)
Awesome project you have started here!

Shopgirl said...

This looks so right to me. I am going back and look what I have missed. Glue, paper, and Joy, life is good. Hugs, Mary

Carin Winkelman said...

Oh lovely! I never really keep my little bits, only the bigger ones, but I do have a lot of tiny images all cut out and ready to go. Love the size of your table by the way. It looks huge!

Rebecca said...

I LOVE this idea for Glue it Tuesday! What a fun way to use up your scraps, I might just have to try this next week!

Terrie said...

sticky fingers indeed! delightful collages and so itty bitty :) i'm a little behind in my 365 collages since i didn't do many on vacation - but i'll be working to catch up! you're an inspiration...

Cappuccinoandartjournal.blogspot.com said...

Ack!!!! I just found this post. Probably saw it already but I forgot. I am doing a Rolodex art card call (for my own greedy self) and I came across this -- lovely. Of course now I am going to hit you up for a couple of cards for my rolodex! I thought I had thought this up -- silly me......

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