Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Art Journal Round Robin

Before sending off the latest journal in our Art Journal Round Robin, I thought I would share its current pages.  This book was created and bound by Janet Briggs, and it's a beauty.  I love her opening spread, introducing all of the participants:
Here is Janet's other spread from the first round:
The book then went to Mary, where she contributed the following floral loveliness:

And now that it has come to me, I created the following spreads:
I've been creating a silhouette spread in each of the books I've received; for this book, I turned it in on its side.  To create the background, I laid down various papers and covered them with gesso.  I added spray inks, and then created the silhouette with black acrylic paint.  On went the decorative tapes, and a quotation from Harriet Tubman with a basic black pen.
For the next spread, I again used spray inks to create the background, and decorative tapes to create a border.  I adhered a gorgeous world map napkin using gel medium, and glued the picture of six men in a boat from one of my new library sale books.  I love the quotation from St. Augustine:  "The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page."  I wrote the letters in white-out pen, and outlined them in black. 
This was a project that was definitely worth cluttering up my newly tidied workspace to create!


Anne said...

That book is going to be priceless!
I like seeing how the silhouette gives even more meaning to the page than an ordinary figure. Napkin map turned out lovely also. I think all participants need to photocopy the final product -- too good for any of you to part with it!

Janet said...

Your spreads are beautiful. I'm so happy that they're in my book and I'll be able to enjoy them forever.

aprilmariecole.blogspot.com said...

"BEAUTIFUL!!" Andria... gorgeous collaboration of artwork & artist. :]

** p.s. thank you for the thoughtful postcard! ~xx

Susie said...

great spreads, enjoyed the peek very much and reminds me of just how much I love a good RR to sweep away the creative cobwebs

Parabolic Muse said...

Andria! Come on! This is great. I love these. I'm doing a round robin canvas panel with four going consecutively, and it's so fun.

You are an excellent writer, by the way. Your grammar, like your art works, is impeccable.

Oh! And so is your work space. HA!

uncustomary said...

Great! I never did a round robin journal project. Love seeing your work station too!

Anonymous said...

That is fantastic! you are each going to receive such a treasure when your journals finally come back to you. Its wonderful that you found an art community to "play" with. Very inspiring.

aimee said...

I love traveling sketchbooks... your page is a delight!