Monday, February 25, 2013

Art Journal Round Robin

I am participating in my first Art Journal Round Robin (AJRR) with Janet, Mary, and Danielle.  We are just now sending out our prepared journals for the first round of the swap.  We are four different women of different ages, living in different states in different circumstances, making different styles of art, but with a common interest in art journaling and building creative friendships.  Let me share the journal I have sent on to Janet, who will send it on to the next participant in four weeks.  After a couple of months, I will have a chance to see it again, before sending it on for another round of swaps.
We are keeping our journals roughly to the size of 6"x8", so I chose a Strathmore Mixed Media notebook.  Maybe I will make my own journal sometime in the future, but I decided to face one new challenge at a time!  I kept it simple, with a photo from Mollie Makes and a clear Dymo lable.  (This was my second choice of cover, as I destroyed the first in the process of creating it.  Such is the way of art projects sometimes!)
I thought it would be fun to have a sign-in page on the inside, so I left a section for each person to include her signature, and some sort of "artistic signature":  a note, a collage, a drawing, a rubber stamp image, whatever.
Do you recognize the inspiration for my first art journal spread?  I knew as soon as I saw a certain Puffs tissue box in our family room that I wanted to create an art journal page based on its design.  It is a true testimony to the fact that art journal inspiration can come from anywhere!
My second spread began with a painted background, using watercolor paints, stencils, and a sea sponge.  Then, I created a silhouette from a fashion catalog and painted it in black acrylic paint.  Next, I doodled around the edges using design inspirations from Zenspirations by Joanne Fink.  I thought up the sentiment on the left, then added some inspiring Bible verses written around the edges of the woman's silhouette.
At the end of the art journal, I thought it would be fun to include an envelope of scraps to share.  I figure that people can take as many scraps as they want, for their journal spreads or other projects, as long as they replace them with just as many as they take.
I am excited to see all of the different styles of art journals that will come to my door over the next several months.  I try to consistently face new challenges that stretch my creativity and build connections with the people whose online presence I enjoy. 

How are you challenging yourself creatively today?


Karen Isaacson said...

brilliant! the scrap envelope is truly inspired. You are so smart to keep your group small. I joined a RR with 20 people in June of 2011 and I still don't have my book back yet! I like the idea of a small group that keeps it going for more than one round. I can't wait to see what you all do with it!

eli said...

so cool! I'm in a similar experience with 4 bloggers since October. You can read (in Spanish) more in my blog (there's a page named Cuadernos Viajeros). Enjoy it Andria!!

Danielle said...

Oh wow! These pages are so incredible. I especially love the trees & the quote.

Unknown said...

Sounds like a fun project, I think I will try that sometime!

laurie said...

this sounds like such a fun project! I hope you will share your journal with us again when it returns from its travels. you have inspired me to open up my own art journal again.

Janet said...

I'm so happy to be doing this art journal round robin with you and the's my first time. And I love the scrap envelope idea. I didn't do anything "fun" in my journal. Next time! said...

Wonderful work on your art jounal, Andria!!
This is definitely a great project... Love the pocket, such a clever idea. :)
A very inspirational post, wishing you the best of inspiration & creativity with this artful journey!! ~xx

Caatje said...

This is very exciting! Your journal looks lovely. Look forward to seeing the other journals come by your blog.

Parabolic Muse said...

Andria, I am having so much fun with the collaborative journal project I'm doing with a blogging friend that I can totally relate to everything you've said here! I always try to add a pocket or some way to hold extra goodies! And of course, we have to find a fun box board from the pantry to add to the mix! You've done really cool work, here, and you also are an excellent writer so it's always a pleasure to read.

Meghan Jordan said...

I would so love to join a round robin art journal swap saw your beautiful journal and feel very inspired. Is there somewhere to go to start or join one? Love the bible verses as well I tend to add verses to each of pages.


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