Sunday, November 18, 2012

While You Have Your Duct Tape Out....Part 1

By now, I'm sure that you have made at least one duct tape journal...right?

I even got my mom on board while she was visiting last month, and she sent me the most beautiful and touching embellished journal in the mail yesterday.  It had all the things in it that I needed to see and hear right now!

But I digress....

While you have your duct tape out--making duct tape journals--there are a couple of other projects that you should also try.

I found a duct tape envelope project bookmarked in my Favorites, and as you know that I love making my own envelopes from magazine pages, maps, calendar pages, and just about everything else, you know that I had to give it a try.
You can find directions for making duct tape envelopes at Brit + Co.  Basically, I followed Brit's instructions for creating a kind of "duct tape paper," if you will, and then followed my own envelope tutorial steps for creating the finished product.  So here is what I did:

1.  Following Brit's instructions, I laid some (super-cute) Hello Kitty duct tape in overlapping strips straight on top of my cutting board.
2.  I pulled the sheet of duct tape off the cutting board and turned it over.  Then I laid down overlapping strips of a different duct tape on the back going crossways.
3.  I used one of my envelope templates to draw directly on the duct tape "paper."
4.  I cut along the lines, and here is the front side of the cut-out envelope:
And here is what the envelope looks like when I am holding it closed:
5.  To secure the envelope, I laid down another strip of the duct tape right across the back, and then trimmed the edges.
And that's it!

Here's a peek inside:
And here's my duct tape envelope collection so far:
I can't wait to send one of these lovelies through the mail!

Sadly, I am officially out of Hello Kitty duct tape.  I am feeling a certain incentive to expand my duct tape collection!

Stay tuned for "While You Have Your Duct Tape Out...Part 2"!


lee said...

looks great, i am still wanting to make the duct tape journal,just trying to find the time in my busy retired life (lol)

VivJM said...

What more duct tape?!?!?
Great job (as always) :-)

laurie said...

wow - i can think of all kinds of uses for these heavy duty envelopes! there are so many great duct tape designs now - i'm sure you will find more hello kitty or a new favorite! said...

These are super cool, great idea, love your way of thinking, Andria. :]
What will you, cleverly come up with next...?
Thank you for sharing. ~xx

Carin Winkelman said...

Nice! I like the yellow colour of the tape.
Over here I've only seen black and gray.

aimee said...

adorable! and also indestructable!

HeARTworks said...

I don't thin k we have cute duct tape available here in the Philippines! :^( Patsy from

Parabolic Muse said...

We need to talk.

I cannot stand this. I'm on a strict budget, but one thing I can't make for myself is duct tape! Now, because of this, I have to go out and get duct tape!

(I'm really very excited!!!!!!!!!!)

Anonymous said...

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