Thursday, July 26, 2012

Collage Pages & a Giveaway!

In my Index-Card-a-Day posts, I have been mentioning the collage pages that I recently created and used for my some of my index cards. 
Original collage page
To create the collage pages, I selected the images I wanted to use from various sources, including a book of French text, some children's books with great illustrations, clip art sources, children's card games, and maps. 
Collage printed on graph paper
I affixed the images to a piece of white typing paper after figuring out basically how I wanted them arranged.  For some I used a glue stick, but for others that I thought I might want to use elsewhere, I used the adhesive squares that scrapbookers often use for affixing their photos to their pages.
Collage printed on white card stock
When I put the original page on the photocopy machine, obviously only the 8-1/2x 11 inch main space is copied, so it doesn't matter if some of the original collage pieces hang over the side.
Pages printed from a stamp album
In addition to printing copies onto white cardstock, I printed them out on graph paper, lined paper, and transparency paper.  My printer did NOT like the lined paper, so I stopped that pretty quickly (after it "ate" a few pages in the process).  I am a huge fan of the images on graph paper (it adds just the right amount of additional interest to the background), but the paper is obviously quite thin.
Another collage page original
Collage page printed on cardstock, graph paper, and transparency paper
I didn't have any original purpose in creating these pages, but once I got started, I had a hard time stopping!  Collage is my "first love" in the arts, and I love nothing more than a good dose of "cut-and-paste."  The images have come in handy for my index cards, and I can see myself using them for art journal pages and maybe even ATCs.  If you have any other ideas for how I might use them, I would love for you to share in the comments.
Collage page original
Collage printed on cardstock, graph paper, and transparency paper
Until then, I do have ONE more idea for using the collage pages:  I am having a giveaway!  If you would like to receive a few of my collage pages, leave me a comment telling me how you would use them, and I will enter you into a drawing to receive them.  Feel free to tell me which pages you like the best, too. 

Please include your email address in the comment, or send it to me by separate email to so I don't have trouble tracking you down if you win!
Collage original
Collage printed on white cardstock and graph paper
This is just a quickie giveaway:  You can enter until August 1, when I will draw the winner and announce soon after.  Good luck!


iHanna said...

I love collage sheets, it's just plain fun incorporating images by others in you own work or art journal.

Victoria said...

Great idea!
I would use them in making cards, ATC's . or adding to other art work.Would also be fun to Photoshop them and change colors etc.

Marcia Beckett said...

I usually put collage images in my art journals or in large mixed media paintings. Thanks for the chance to win!

Andreia said...

ooh they all look lovely! i think i would use them either to make envelopes or to decorate my collage notebook.
my e-mail address:

eli said...

Love them all! but my favorite is the one with the big red numbers.
Como iHanna, creo que es divertido agregar páginas hechas por otras personas en nuestros propios art journals. Lindisima tu idea!

ginigin said...

What a great idea. I love looking at all your cards and pages. I'd use the collage sheets to make envelopes and covers for note.books (my latest idea for letters). Thanks!

Carin Winkelman said...

These are just fabulous! I'm still thinking about making collage papers with elements from my journals (mind you it's on my list of 300 other things I'm thinking about as well). Anyway, that's probably where yours would go if I would win any - into my journals that is. I like the graphic ones the best, with the big numbers and letters on them.

Jewels said...

hmmm lots of ideas - ATC, Mail Art, Gluebook Pages...I would love any that have children in them (but they are all great.... for the graph paper why not "copy" on to card stock first and then "copy" your collage on to the card stock? Also, I love using fabric and "copying" on to card can get some great background papers doing that...

laurie said...

i can see why you had so much fun making these - they are so interesting and versatile. i would use them on the inside cover of journals, to line small boxes or drawers, and even to mat photographs in a frame! i couldn't pick a favorite because there is something special on each one that caught my eye. said...

Hip, hip... hooray!
You are having a giveaway... count me in. :]
Super fun.
Tips on collaging, I'd have to say... for me, I like to me spontaneous, don't think too much when placing the paper elements down. I think collage looks great, when it is not too thought out.
** good luck everyone**

donna!ee said...

awesome, awesome, awesome...did i mention these are awesome! those transparencies are perfect for so many projects. i make booklets called "blest be" and these would totally add awesome collage elements!!! thank you much for sharing, you always inspire :D

scrapwordsmom said...

These are too clever!!! Love your creativity!!!

If I won these I would use them in my art journals or maybe even a canvas...Thanks!!!!

Parabolic Muse said...

I would LOVE your collage sheets! I am working on a project they'd be perfect for, but besides all that, I think you have the best ephemera and make great choices! That graph paper trick is brilliant. In any case, I would use the pages for lots of things, making ATCs, making envelopes, making library pockets, and using as cigar box wallpaper for assemblages! Can you imagine? All that fun on one wall?!

Tammy said...

Love your collage sheets. I'd use them to make some origami envelopes.

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