Tuesday, December 13, 2011

'Tis the Season...

'Tis the season to find fabulous things in our mailboxes!  In addition to beautiful Christmas cards and fun holiday photo cards, I've received some new pieces of art to share with you.
Kym, of Bliss Artworks, sent me this postcard made from painted corrugated cardboard.  Take a look at her post describing how she combined influences from at least four different workshop teachers in the creation of these cards!  I always enjoy reading about how she takes techniques and ideas from lots of different sources and combines them to create her own original works of art.
In the same post, Kym wrote about the Moo postcards she had ordered.  Because I expressed interest in seeing them when they came in, she sent me one!  It is a beautiful photographic portrait of her mother, painted using a technique Kim learned from Karen O'Brien
I received this lovely holiday tag from Karenann.  I've noticed several people getting great creative results with corrugated cardboard.  What a wonderful material to use to incorporate recycling into your art practice!
Janet from Just Me and My Art and I did an ATC swap, and I received the beautiful card above--great colors, imagery, and sentiment.  She blogged about the ATC I sent to her here, along with all of the other artful goodies she has been receiving lately.

Making friends online is a lot like making friends out in the world as an adult.  If it's going to happen, I really just have to go for it.  If I have a question, I ask it.  If I have a compliment to share, I give it.  If I want something (like a trade, for example), I ask for it (nicely, I hope!).  So far, I have always been rewarded with the most friendly, inspiring, art-filled friendships that I could hope for!


Janet said...

Snail mail is the most fun! You got some goodies. I especially like the Moo postcard and would love to learn that technique.

Thanks for doing a trade with me. I love The ATC you sent me.

laurie said...

beautiful gifts, so talented.
getting gifts in the mail is such a treat, it never gets old!

laurie said...

this is the best time of year for checking your mailbox - i love all the holiday greetings, letters and photos that get sent around christmas. and, i agree, blogworld is a fabulously friendly place to hang out.

VivJM said...

Ooh, what a fab collection of mail, you lucky girl!!

Kym said...

Hi Andria. Thank you for featuring the cards I made on your blog. What a nice surprise. I love the other pieces you got in the mail this year as well! Just lovely.

April Cole said...

Oh such lovely "artful" goodies, you have been receiving! :]
Yes... corrugated cardboard is "VERY" addictive indeed, love it.
Happy Thursday! *hugs*