Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend Recap

At ages 2 and 3, the girls were very aware and very excited about Easter this year.  Katy is learning the days of the week, and quizzed me all week long about when Easter Sunday would finally be here!  On Thursday, the girls decorated colorful paper eggs with ribbon and stickers to send to their grandparents:
{Katy reserved one of her eggs for Mickey Mouse,
so one set of grandparents is out of luck this Easter holiday!}

Our planned Easter egg hunt up in Bryn Athyn got washed out by the rain, so we did an impromptu egg hunt around the house.  It was all the same to the girls, who had a great time finding the plastic eggs their daddy hid all around the family room and kitchen.
{Looking for eggs is serious business among the 3-year-old set!}

My mother-in-law visited for the weekend, which gave me a little break, while the girls got their Marmar to read at least a hundred books and play a little "Row, row, row your boat":

Even though the meteorologists called for raging thunderstorms on Easter Sunday, it ended up being a warm, sunny day...the most perfect springtime weather!  We all got dressed up in our new Easter dresses.
We went to church to celebrate the true reason for Easter--Jesus Christ's glorious resurrection.  It's a little too easy to lose sight of this in the midst of bunnies and Easter eggs!  It's a lot easier to talk to kids about Christmas; they can understand babies and birthdays.  Easter is a little more of a challenge:  finding ways to talk about death and resurrection and eternal life.  But as with so many other things, I know they'll grow in their understanding a little bit more each year.

Back home again, we enjoyed more Easter treats:  Easter baskets filled with chocolate and presents.  The girls don't get too many sweets, so their chocolate Easter bunnies were quite a treat!

And, of course, I use any occasion I can for new crafty fun for the girls, so they got little rubber stamps and paper pads in their baskets to enjoy:

I hope that you, too, enjoyed a joyous Easter Weekend.
Happy Easter from my family to yours!


scrapwordsmom said...

Awww, what a beautiful family you have!! Your girlies are darling. I remember mine when they were that age. Love your photos!!!!

Blessings to you!

Janet said...

You have such a beautiful family. I'm sure your girls will have lots of happy Easter memories to look back on.

Carolyn S. Nehring said...

Love those giant paper eggs! Sometimes it's just fun to play with a simple shape isn't it?

And hello neighbor, I'm in Abington!

Happy belated Easter to you and your little bunnies :)

Parabolic Muse said...

Okay, this has given me a trip to my past. We have Easter photos kind of like this (much longer ago!). My mom and us kids would pose in our Easter best on the lawn. I love that photo of Grandma with the girls, reading. SO AWESOME!

I'm going home and make a paper egg now.

Andria said...

Thank you, Leslie and Janet! Carolyn, I can't believe we live so close. I feel like half the blogs I find are people living in California; it's nice to find some folks here in Pennsylvania!! Chris, those posed Easter shots are CLASSIC...have fun with that egg!

Amelia said...

such lovely girls you have and lots of easter fun was had too by the sound and look of it! :)

So lovely to have such nice weather, I am enjoying and soaking up every moment right now.