Sunday, March 16, 2014

Living Stones

Since I was quite young, I have loved the Bible verse that says, "And you are living stones that God is building into His spiritual temple," which comes from 1 Peter 2:5.

I appreciated the unexpectedness of the image:  a stone that is alive.  I was drawn to the idea of other people being living stones alongside me.  I always thought I would one day write a book with the phrase living stones in the title, and I imaged that it would have something to do with the people in my life who have influenced and encouraged me spiritually.
Whether that book will happen or not remains to be seen, but in the meantime, I've started a ministry in my home, which I am calling the Living Stones Women's Ministry.  As soon as I thought of drawing these women together, I knew that Living Stones was exactly the right name for us!
Shortly after I made plans for the group, I had the idea that I wanted to decoupage spiritual and inspiring words on some smooth stones that I've collected on some recent beach visits.  I used gel medium and scraps from a vintage dictionary.
I envision these as my own form of "living stones," as they offer words of life to those who read them.
I did a search for "Living Stones" on Pinterest, and found so many beautiful projects that people have done to illustrate, paint, image-transfer, engrave, and collage on smooth beach and river stones.  Check out my Pinterest board here!
Also, I would love for you to visit the blog, called Living Stones of course, that I am maintaining for the women's ministry; all are invited to visit often!


Patty Antle said...

Neat idea, Andrea. I wish you much success with your women's ministry. Love the pinterest board. I have some stones I have been saving, wondering what I would do with them. Some good ideas on the board. Wanted to let you know a couple things: I am enjoying the matchbox from our swap last year and I bought some ephemera - a 1903 Sears catalog among other things! I'm blogging about them. Have a happy St. Patty's Day!

VivJM said...

Beautiful idea!

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