Sunday, December 30, 2012

Art Journaling in 2012

My art journal took a backseat to other creative pursuits this year, so I haven't had too many pages to share with you along the way. 
I thought I would close out this year of blogging with some peeks at my few pages, either in their entirety or in detail. 
I am starting to feel the urge to pick up my art journaling habit again, so hopefully this post will help to encourage me to get back into it (and you, too, if you are thinking about it!).
What are your creative goals for the new year?
Have you chosen a word for the year?
I love the practice of choosing a word for the year to frame my other goals and resolutions.
Here's a secret:  I've chosen my word already!
But I won't share my word for 2013 until the new year gets underway.
This past year, my word was WINGS, to prompt me to move forward in the adventures I had begun the previous year. 
I feel that my art-making and crafting did, in fact, fly forward, since I participated in four craft shows, and now sell my work at a local gift boutique
I have continued my blogging faithfully, and continue daily creative pursuits. 
I have very happily continued developing online friendships with like-minded individuals who share my aesthetic and many of my interests. 
I have developed my art collection by growing the number of pieces on the art wall in my craft room.
Where will 2013 take me?  That remains to be seen, of course, but I look forward to continuing to share the creative journey with you!


laurie said...

you are such an inspiration to me so i can't wait to see what you trails you will blaze in 2013! thanks for sharing your creations, your "tips" for making art, and all the support you so generously give me throughout the year. said...

Your journal pages are "GORGEOUS!" :]
Such wonderful talent... thank you for sharing all your "wonders" of art with the world! ~xx

p.s. can not wait to read about your "word" for the new year, I am super curious!!

eli said...

I so looove all your pages Andria! thanks for sharing! ♥

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