Saturday, December 29, 2012

Merry Christmas Mail!

I wanted to share some of the fun mail I received leading up to Christmas. 

First, look at this beautiful hand-crafted card by Gail.  (She's my second cousin, if I have all that crazy family relationship terminology straight!)
This is the first piece of art she has shared with me, and I love the gorgeous details!
I got a fun package from Mary, too.  She sent me some pens, a notepad, and a postcard, as well as a stack of the fillable envelopes she has sent me stuffed with confetti.  I shared some with my mother, so we should be sending each other some confetti-filled goodness in the new year.
Mary always has some fun pick-me-up kind of goodies to share!

I also received my tags in the last of this year's Mail Me Some Art swaps.
I think they are pretty enough to warrant a closer look:
I received a lovely letter from Gini, and as always, she included some fun "extras":
And, as you can probably imagine, I am collecting the Christmas stamps on all of the envelopes that have come through our mailbox this season.
I try hard to share all of the mail that I receive from blogging/art-making friends near and far, but sometimes I might miss documenting a piece here and there due to my own disorganization.  But rest assured that every piece is valued and enjoyed, and I thank everyone who has contributed to a beautiful and artful mailbox this year!

Wishing you a happy new year of happy new mail!

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VivJM said...

You get the best mail Andria!!
Happy New Year xx