Thursday, August 2, 2012

Art Wall & A Winner!

Before announcing the winner of my collage page giveaway, I wanted to share a new feature of Studio 791--an inspiring Art Wall above my sewing station.
I'm not quite a photography professional here, to be able to show off these artists' work to best effect, but I can vouch for the beauty of all of these pieces.

I have two lovely collages purchased from the Etsy shop of Hanna Andersson, otherwise known as iHanna, and am so happy with the frames I found for them at Michaels.  Above one of them, I display two of the many amazing postcard collages sent to me by the talented mail artist Karenann Young.
At the top of the wall is the pencil drawing by Martin L. Burgett, from the 1890s, which I acquired recently from the Briggs Auction.
Beneath that, I have an adorable elephant print by Regina Lord, purchased from her Etsy shop, Creative Kismet Studio. I mounted it on colorful patterned paper from PaperSource, and found a frame for it at JoAnn. (You may remember that I have another print from Regina hanging by my kitchen sink, where I enjoy it SO many times a day, as well as a necklace pendant I love to wear!)
Finally, I have a fun and inspiring portrait on a wood panel by Janet Briggs of Random Acts of Art.  I love the quirky tilt of her head, don't you?
As you can see, I have plenty of space to expand my collection.  I love having examples of art, many of them originals, by artists whose work and online inspiration I admire. 
I hope you will support the artists you love, as well! 

And now for the results of the collage page giveaway:  There were 14 entrants, so I did things the old fashioned way, and put each person's name on a slip of paper and mixed them up in a bowl.
And the winner is...
Chris, our very own Parabolic Muse!

Chris, your collage pages are already packaged and waiting to be taken to the Post Office, so you should have them very soon!

Thank you to all who entered the giveaway.  Stay tuned, because I have some more giveaways planned for the coming months!


Carin Winkelman said...

wonderful, all that art by fellow creative people, I love it! Too bad I didn't win, but congrats to the winner.

Parabolic Muse said...


I just was thinking to myself... where's my collage papers LOVE!! And here it IS!

(I can only speak in capitals about this.)

Thank you SO MUCH!! You are the most generous person next to this one woman outside the post office who offered to let me hold her dog on the leash while she went in to get stamps. And that doesn't happen every day!

Andria, all seriousness aside, thank you so much for your pretty papers, some of which I have gotten in the past, and am now taking personal credit for when people ooh and aah over them.

And if there's anything you want on your inspiration wall, it's Hanna Andersson's Grooviness!


Janet said...

I feel so honored to be among such talented artists! Thank you so much for buying and hanging a small piece of my art. Your art wall looks great! And I love the lavender color on the wall.

Joyfulploys said...

Hi Andria...awwww, I missed the giveaway! Your art wall is all the art work...good choices of some wonderful artists.

Jo Murray said...

Congratulations Chris!!! Of course they were yours from the get-go.

scrapwordsmom said...

Congrats to the winner and love your art wall. I am soooo into original art!!!

Karenann Young said...

The artwork on your walls look great! Thanks for including me! I love how you did everything! I love the choice of colors on your walls! Do you have a craft area? I have my sewing machine on one of my craft tables in my craft room. I don't use it that often, but it's so handy that way!

Regina said...

Andrea! You are the best. I love seeing my art in your home. What a great little sewing spot with all that inspiration on your wall.

iHanna said...

Wow, I loooove the way you framed my collages. It feels kind of strange that you have my framed art to view daily, but also very good. Thanks for linking me here and letting me know Andrea! Love the other artists too, Regina's art is awesome! said...

Thank you for sharing your "artful" wall, these are all very inspiring!! ~xx