Friday, September 28, 2012


Today's post is filled with photos that I haven't shared in any earlier posts.  Nothing ties them together thematically; they are just a random assortment of images from my life!
I spotted this awesome art car on State Street in Media, Pennsylvania, one evening.  Its owner was selling his folk-art style artwork on the sidewalk nearby.  I haven't tried calling the phone number on his car; if you call him, let me know what you talk about!
I purchased this saint at a local flea market for 50 cents, and have informally declared him the Patron Saint of Studio 791.  He is draped in a floral necklace I found at Old Navy a few months back.  He holds pride of place next to my boxes of washi tape and postage stamps on top of my bookcase full of art and crafting books. 
Have you seen my cat, Stella?  I don't think I've shared too many photos of her, even though she has been in my life for fifteen years now.  Fifteen years!!  She has two or three favorite spots in the house, and pretty much doesn't budge from them.
My four-year-old Katy displays her first painting from preschool this year.
My three-year-old Bayla displays her first painting from preschool this year. 
My husband gets in on all of the creative action around here, staining a wooden jewelry box he is making for Katy.  He has another for Bayla, and has used wooden letter blocks to spell their names on the lids.  He is trying to develop his woodworking skills with these projects.
Finally, here I am cooking dinner while simultaneously reorganizing the cabinet that holds my spices.  When my husband came in and saw all those spice bottles on the counter, he thought it was pretty funny that I looked like I was throwing them all in the evening's recipe, so he grabbed the camera and took this pic.

Take some fun photos of your everyday life this weekend!


aimee said...

love that art car! said...

Love the art car -- but I'm not calling that number!!!
And that is funny with you and all the spices. tell the girls their paintings are wonderful!

laurie said...

so fun to see those "real life" shots of you and your family! i'm thinking that patron saint was a wonderful deal and would love to find one of my own someday. have a great weekend!

lee said...

great shots, of everyday life,
i do the same thing, I am cooking, then all of sudden I decide the side drawer needs to be cleaned out (lol) we are great multitaskers

Bad Jones Rising said...

This is a really great idea for a post, btw. I have so many unorganized photos that have a bit of a story behind them. I love the photos of your girls. Too cute.

Also, I cook and organize at the same time. My fiance only starts to worry when I am jammin' and dancing because that means I have forgotten to stir something! lol

Parabolic Muse said...

I haven't called that number yet! I have to wait for a time when I can sit for awhile and get into the guy's head.

I love that photo of you cooking dinner!

you really did use all the spices in that dinner, didn't you? It's okay. I've done it.

Our Family for His Glory said...

Your girls are beautiful, and I love your creativity! :)