Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Merry Mary Mail

On any given day, I have a pretty good idea that the water or gas company is going to send me a bill, and that Pottery Barn or Sundance is going to send me a catalog, and that Karenann or Pamela is going to send me an artful postcard.  But I have to say that when Mary England sends me something in the mail, I never know exactly WHAT to expect!

Have you ever had the pleasure of receiving a completely see-through envelope filled with shiny confetti?
I thought not.

But Mary sent me just such a fun piece of mail art a few months ago, containing calendar pages and a crocheted cross, which I thought was a sweet acknowledgement of my faith.
And postage stamps look positively delicious against a transparent background!
Then, more recently, I opened my mailbox to discover a tin marked with my address and postage.  A tin!!  I've never gotten wacky objects in the mail before now, and I LOVE it!
Even better, when I opened it up, she had sent me a whole slew of postage stamps to add to my collection for my mail art.
Now, what can be better than interesting mail from a girl who pays attention to what is important to you?!
Many thanks to Mary for her merry Mary mail.

What can you send out in the mail today to brighten someone's day?

I have to share a story that positively warmed my heart today.  My girls were sitting at the breakfast table this afternoon, drawing away on their sketch paper, creating stories around the pictures they were creating.  I loved seeing all that creativity flowing, so I said, "It's like an artist's workshop in here!  How did you two get so artistic?  Were you born that way?"

My four-year-old, Katy, said, "When I was little, I saw you art-ing, and that made me realize that I want to art, too."

There are all kinds of ups and downs to this motherhood thing, but that statement alone should carry me through for quite some time!!


uncustomary said...

Ah! You're so sweet! Thank you for this post. :-) I'm glad you like the mail surprises. <3

lee said...

love getting mail art to,,,,,and your girls are to sweet

Carin Winkelman said...

You so make me wanna go back into mail art myself. It's been too long and its such fun. I love all the stuff you're getting through your mailbox. Lucky you!

VivJM said...

Wow, what a fabulous package to get in the mail!
I love the quote from your daughter. You are clearly such an inspiration to them (and me too ;-))

Janet said...

Mail art is the best and you definitely received some extra special things in your mailbox. said...

WELL! I guess I better send you something more fun too!
Isn't mail great? And I love Mary and her happiness project.
And I really love what you daughter said about art-ing. That is so great.
watch your mailbox!

Parabolic Muse said...

These bits of mail are darling. I mean that in the nicest way. I love those clear envelopes, but I've never have the nerve to put my postage right where the clear part is, because I'm always afraid they won't see them and return the package to me!

I'm a shy retiring sort.

laurie said...

ah, i am glowing in the warmth of your day. what an incredible package?!! and your girls are so tuned into the right things. now i am humming "these are days" by natalie merchant. enjoy!

Bree said...

Mary is really sweet! I feel delighted too whenever I received her mail. Like what you'd mentioned over here, it's great when someone notices what you love and needed the most!