Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Little Corner of My World

Remember when I shared with you back in January that I went shopping in Regina's Etsy store, Creative Kismet
In addition to wearing the beautiful pendant on a daily basis, I purchased a frame for her lovely art print, Give Thanks Every Single Day, and placed it in its intended location right next to the kitchen sink:
It is such an appropriate and peaceful reminder.  My four-year-old, Katy, came downstairs the morning after I hung it on the wall, noticed it immediately, and said, "Mommy, that new art is beautiful."
I never show too much of my home in my blog posts, other than the breakfast table where my girls do their crafting and a few peeks at my art room.  So here is a look at where my other creative magic happens!  Actually, not so creative since I always follow recipes to the "t," but I find the whole process of choosing recipes, buying and preparing ingredients, and getting the meal together for my husband to be a gratifying use of my time and creative energies.

Do you see the chimes hanging over the window?  I purchased those at an outdoor art fair many years ago, from a business called Tempest in a Teapot.  The chimes are made from silver utensils embellished with beads and hanging from a sugar bowl.  My husband chose the location for hanging it, and it has been such a great and fanciful addition to my cooking space!

I saw something kind of fun in Whole Living magazine this month (March 2012) that I wanted to share with you:  A Brooklyn designer and blogger named Jessi Arrington is apparently totally obsessed with rainbows.  So much so that she celebrated her 32nd birthday with a Rainbow Parade.  Her friends all came out, wearing one of the colors of the rainbow, and they marched down the street (in ROY G BIV order) behind Jessi to celebrate her special day.  She now throws Rainbow Parades for other people!  "There is something powerful and liberating about giving yourself permission to act on an idea simply because it brings you joy," she says.  How cool is that?

You can check out Jessi's blog at LuckySoAndSo.com.


Parabolic Muse said...

Doesn't it feel kind of odd to share pictures of your home on your blog? At least I felt a little funny. I want a sink that's underset like that. I don't like it that the sink is nested over our counter.

Thanks for Jesse's link. I'm off to see what's what!

Now I have a weird desire to make some wind chimes.

Parabolic Muse said...

I meant, I felt funny when I shared my house on my blog. I didn't feel funny about your house photo at all!

VivJM said...

Your daughter is quite right, that's a lovely piece of art to have by your kitchen sink!

Parabolic Muse said...

I'm back. Here's why: I want to be in Pennsylvania for your craft show! Those stationery packets look so great, and I know the quality of your work and how good they are. With the airmail notebooks?!? come ON!

How much to buy one? Add postage, then I'll send you a check.

(don't send one until you get my check!)

Joyfulploys said...

I like your kitchen photo...I wanted to tell you that Rhomany is haveing a free tutorial using oil pastels...it starts the 25t...the address is:

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