Saturday, January 28, 2012

Creative Kismet

Regina of Creative Kismet just held the most wonderful and generous sale at her Etsy shop in celebration of her birthday, and I couldn't resist doing a little shopping.

The word kismet means "fate" or "destiny," and understanding that makes me love the name of Regina's blog and Etsy store even more!

I chose a print that I plan to frame and hang in the kitchen near the sink:
I also chose a print that I plan to frame and hang either in my girls' bedroom or my own craft room:
Finally, I chose a necklace, whose charm is made from a Scrabble tile (love that!) embellished with one of Regina's beautiful creations:
My older daughter is constantly asking me about the image:  whose hands are those?  whose house is that?  why is the house holding flowers?  She is so curious about this beautiful piece of art!
Many thanks to Regina for sharing her creativity through her blog, and through the art available in her Etsy shop.

This Etsy shopping could definitely become a habit!


lee said...

wow everything you got is beautiful, thanks for telling us about her site

Regina said...

Hi Andria~ I'm so happy you love all your stuff. it is so adorable that your sweet girl is so curious about my house art. I guess it would be quite curious in her wee eyes. Thank you for shopping in my shop. I am so honored that my art will be hanging in your home!

Parabolic Muse said...

I really enjoy finding a work by a lovely artist and being able to get it and bring it home. The studio can surround you with things you admire! said...

How wonderful!
Love this artist, Regina.
Last year, my son surprised me with some artful goodies from her. Best present ever.
Enjoy :]