Friday, July 6, 2012

Who Needs Washi Tape?

At the end of last year, I was convinced that I had to have some washi tape.  I was seeing it everywhere in the blogosphere, and all those dots and lines and grids were calling my name.

But every time I went to order some washi tape online, I ended up getting sidetracked by something else that was almost washi tape.

First, there were the paper tapes from Cavallini & Co, so nicely packaged in their thematic tins:
7Gypsies had some paper tapes that I enjoyed using early on.  They are different from all the others, because they have a paper backing that you peel away, rather than pulling them right off of a roll:
Then I discovered kawaii tape, and was drawn from my usual style to its "cuteness" and fun-loving designs:
I found some uses for electrical tapes, but they are a little stretchy to come in too handy very often.  (I found a good use for them on my airmail envelope notebooks, though!)
There's also Duck tape (or duct tape), of course; who can resist it with its wide coverage, especially when you can find it with a Hello Kitty design!:
And then all of a sudden, in the past few months, I've found fabulous decorative tape all over:  from the Smash line of K&Company, tissue tape from Tim Holtz, Recollections brand from Michaels, a whole line of colorful tapes from Target (forgot to get the brand name before I tossed the packaging):
And there is also painter's tape and masking tape, of course.  And don't forget DIY tapes:
So here I am with a box full of decorative tape, and none of it officially of the washi variety.

And it makes me wonder, Who needs washi tape?

But then I read another blog post, explore another Pinterest board, and poke around another Etsy shop, and I'm back in the market for washi tape again!

Come back over the weekend, and I'll share a project I've been doing lately with my tapes!


eli said...

Thanks for this info Andria! I have some kawaii tapes and my 3 new washi tapes..., but I'm loving these 7gypsies and the ones by Cavallini!

Jo Murray said...

I hear you... I keep seeing these interesting tapes everywhere. So far I've resisted, but I can feel my defences weakening.

uncustomary said...

I love all of those thick decorative tapes from Michaels that are only like $1! I have a bunch. I also love the paper tapes that you have in the first set. I'm excited to see what you've been working on! said...

What a great collection of tape! :]
I agree... you can easily get side tracked to all that is out there.
So many to choose from, any for a dollar, always make it into my shopping cart.
(LOL) ;]
Have a wonderful weekend. xx

Parabolic Muse said...

oh, man. I want those Cavalini tapes. I'm going to have to go shopping. I keep putting tape at the bottom of my list, but, seriously... who doesn't need it?! I bet even Meryl Streep or George Clooney could use some deco tape.

I'll give them this link.