Tuesday, January 10, 2012

More Tape!

Every time I sit down to finally order some washi tape for my art journal and mail art, I seem to end up finding some sort of washi-tape-substitute instead!

First, I read about a way to lift text with regular Scotch tape.

Then, I found paper tape.

Next, I thought of a way to run ribbon through the Xyron to make tape.

Recently, it occurred to me that I could do a similar thing using strips from the interesting designs inside of business envelopes.
I just cut the envelopes into strips, and then I have the option to run them through the Xyron, apply double-sided tape to the back, or just glue them onto my project with a glue stick.
Isn't it amazing how many different, pretty patterns you can find on the inside of an envelope?  (I guess it lessens the sting of the bill inside!)

I sat down with single-minded determination on Christmas Eve to order some washi tape over the Internet, and found yet another substitute that drew me away from my original intention:  kawaii tape!
In the context of Japanese culture, kawaii means cute...so instead of the rather staid colors and patterns of washi tape, the tape is decorated with adorable animals and people, fun little sentiments, and interesting objects.

I bought my selection of kawaii tape from An at the Panda Love Shop.  She offered me fast, friendly service, and included additional kawaii goodies with my order.

I am loving this kawaii tape so much that I want to show you some close ups of the adorable designs:
I've been using the tapes as much as I can for my art journal pages.  I can't help but smile and feel cheerful when they are on the page!
If you are thinking of making a kawaii tape purchase, I can highly recommend An's Panda Love Shop!  She also has a blog called I Love Kawaiiness, which she uses to feature items in her Etsy shop.  Please make a visit!


Janet said...

I save those envelopes to use in art. Now I have one more thing to make with them. Great idea!

And the kawaii tapes are so cute!

Anonymous said...

that tape is awesome! I bookmarked her page so if I ever have money again I can get some of it. Thanks for sharing!

Andria said...

There are so many ways to use business envelopes, aren't there, Janet? So fun!

Amanda...so worth the money!!

Kym said...

Wow! I LOVE that kawaii tape. I have never seen that before! What a great find! Thanks for sharing that with us.

I love what you did with the envelopes too.

I have a great "phobia" about junk mail but I may take a peek every once in a while to see what is in there!

Leanne said...

Oh, what great great ideas! First . . . LOVE those envelopes and how you used them. NEVER thought of that before, and you are inspiring me to look at my everyday items a little differently (thanks!) Second, LOVE LOVE LOVE those tapes!!! SO colorful and fun. GREAT tips!! Thanks!

Carin Winkelman said...

Ooh that tape is soo cute! Stop tempting me with tape, just stop (said the woman who had two boxes full of the stuff). The security envelopes over here are so boring, all blue or grey, hardly any patterns at all, but I was lucky to receive some from a blogging buddy in the States, so I now have a nice stash too. Yay for the internet community! And a belated happy new year to you!

lee said...

great idea about the envelopes, and the tape, thanks for sharing