Saturday, July 7, 2012

Deco Tape Cards

If you need a quick and easy card or gift tag, grab your rolls of decorative tape and try this technique I learned from Christine at Scrap Time

(I have not been able to find the original video I watched on her site, unfortunately, but she has several tutorials about using washi tape.  She has over 200 rolls!)

In her video, Christine made cards by laying strips of tape diagonally across the paper.  Then she used scissors to trim away any excess tape that hangs over the edges.  This is one of those projects that is hard to stop once you get started, so I ended up with quite a few sets of cards!
I also made some small gift cards, maybe 2x4 inches to use as inserts in mail art, art swaps, etc.
My four-year-old daughter loves all of my tapes, and made a little gift card of her own, with tapes of her own choosing.  (I helped her with the cutting around the edges!)  Notice the little paper bead she wanted me to glue to the lower right corner.
Front of card

Inside of card
In addition to greeting cards and gift cards, this technique would work well to create bookmarks, as well.  And don't forget to use decorative tapes on your journal pages and mail art, too!

Please leave a comment, sharing your favorite source for decorative tape, or your favorite use for it!


Anne's Mail said...

I've gotten most of my washi tape from etsy. Sellers - Discount Charms and Pretty Tape. It's still $$ so I only have about 5 or 6 rolls. Can't imagine having 100!!!

donna!ee said...

awesome idea for backgrounds, thank you much for sharing. i like to make my own tape by using masking tape or bandage tape with paint or ink & stamps. i use them mostly in my journaling... :) said...

Very cool -- I like the LePaperCafe shop on ETSY. Lots of cool designs. Website too
Very fun ideas you've posted here, Andria! I love washi.

Unknown said...

I don't have too much tape - but what I have is from good ol' Target! Looking at this post and the last post, I think I need to get me some! And yep, I go to the Dick Blick in Center City. Our office is on Sansom Street, around the corner. So, on my way back from court, I used to dawdle (if I dawdled on the way back from court) at Barnes and Noble, but when that closed I switched to Dick Blick. Luckily, I have learned to exercise restraint, and I really only buy things I actually went in there looking for, or something on clearance.

Anne said...

I felt a definite "need" to expand my tape collection when I read your last post. After seeing the unique cards on this post, I REALLY have to fill at least one shoe box with tape!!

the mixie pixie said...

Oh, no!!! You got me hooked! Like I need another art addiction, but this is too fabulous to pass up. I guess I need to budget for some artistic tape now- heavy sigh.

Anonymous said... (which is having a "Washi Tape Anonymous" class in August!-- Only $10.


Parabolic Muse said...

I like these, Andria! This is a great idea for making cards quickly when you send a little gift. I never thought of making the entire surface out of decorative tape.
Paper bead? I must go look for mine. They were so fun to make, even if it was messy! said...

These are "terrific!"
Very creative, such beautiful envelopes... WOW! :]

Carin Winkelman said...

Ooh, those are luscious. Beautiful. I get just about all my washi tape on Etsy at Pretty Tape. They have a wonderful selection. You can find them here:

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