Wednesday, March 14, 2012

'Tis the Season...for an Easter Egg Tutorial!

I recently fell in love with some torn-paper/collaged eggs on Karenann's blog, and set to making my own version of her project.  Karenann told me that she would not mind if I share my process with you.  This is such a fun and easy way to make Easter cards and gift tags!
Now, you could just follow Karenann's directions:  Tear paper and glue it down.  Because that's really all there is to it!  But if you like to make a short story long, as I often do, you will enjoy the fact that I broke the project down into a multitude of steps for you!
Step 1:  Gather up your supplies:  decorative papers, white cardstock, scissors, pencil, glue stick, and something to use as a template for your eggs.  I found a 6-pack of foam eggs for $1 at the craft store, and they were just the size I wanted for my tags.
Step 2:  Tear lots and lots of paper into strips.  The bigger your egg, the wider your strips can be. 
My eggs had anywhere from four to six different papers on each one.  It was all chance--no measurement involved!

Step 3:  Strip by strip, apply glue stick to the back and adhere, overlapping, to the white cardstock.
Step 4:  Use your egg template to draw on the back of the white cardstock that now has paper strips glued to the front.
Step 5:  Cut out the eggs.
Step 6:  Turn them over for the "big reveal," since you won't know exactly how the various colored papers will fall on the eggs you cut out!
Step 7 (optional): 
Punch a hole at the top of the eggs, and add a ribbon to use them as a gift tag.  Smaller eggs can be made into little Easter tree ornaments.
(Okay, so maybe I got a little carried away.  But once you start making these, it's really hard to stop!  Ask Karenann; she found the same thing to be true!)

Stay tuned, because in my next post, I will share the torn-paper Easter eggs that my four-year-old made (a great craft project that can be adapted for kids!), AND share the egg that Karenann sent to me in the mail as a generous RAK!


Joyfulploys said...

Hi Andria...I love your cool Easter Egg tutorial! Anything involving tearing paper is a great project in my book!

Linda said...

Hi Andria, I love this idea. I think I'll do this with my grand daughter. I know she'll love it too. Thanks for sharing. Linda E.

Linda Jordan said...

These are such a cute project!! I love projects like this that look so cute in the end, but could be done by little kids! This would definitely be a keeper if I was still teaching.

Linda said...

Fantastic, Andria!
Creative minds think alike... I just finished creating a few of my very own. :]
Posted about them today.
JUST COULD NOT RESIST!!! Karenann is so talented.

Carin Winkelman said...

They are so cute! Love them!

Karenann Young said...

Love the colors that you used! You did a great job!

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