Saturday, March 10, 2012

Mail-Art Mandala Mom

Whenever my mother comes to visit, we love "comparing notes" about our art-making pursuits, and we usually do some sort of crafting activity, like the envelopes we made this past month.

We decided that it would be fun to send each other art-full mail in between our face-to-face visits.  Check out the first bit of mail art fun I got from Mom just this afternoon:
I love the illustrations she used for our addresses:  Her return address was written on a rubber-stamped note paper carried in a bird's beak, and my address was written in old-fashioned billboard she drew next to a road filled with old-fashioned rubber stamped clever!

Inside, I found a truly awesome mandala:
In her letter, packaged in its own embellished envelope (see below), she explained that she created a blessing wheel for me.  You know how when you try to keep a gratitude journal, you end up thinking about the same old (albeit wonderful) things:  family, friends, house, etc.  With the blessing wheel, I can focus my gratitude by pointing my finger and spending the day mindfully appreciating whatever it lands on.  Isn't that brilliant?!
I am so amazed by my mom's artistic pursuits.  I wrote about her mandalas already, but she is also creating a Griffin and Sabine-style book, following the Postcard Challenge on the Art and Sole blog.  She has also started maintaining an art journal, along with journals for her travels and the books she has read.  She has even started her own version of altered Rolodex cards!  I told her that she needs to start sending me photos of all of her work, because it's going to get a little unwieldy for her to bring all of her projects in her suitcase to show me the next time she visits!


6 Weeks:  Mind. Body. Soul.
An e-Course with Leslie of {Words of Me Project}

Starting on Monday, Leslie of the Words of Me Project, is offering a free eCourse called 6 Weeks:  Mind. Body. Soul

Leslie is going to offer art journaling prompts, recipe ideas, quotations, techniques, and special guest posts.  Her goal is to uplift and inspire us to live our best life.  Each week will revolve around a theme, word, or idea with the goal of incorporating positive energy into our lives.  

I have been reading Leslie's blog for about a year now, and she has so much kindness, encouragement, and art to offer!  She is a loving and generous spirit, and I am excited to share this journey of her first eCourse with her.  If you would like to join in, visit her blog for the prompts, and you can also take part in the course Facebook page.  I hope to "see" you there!

9 comments: said...

This is lovely - wonderful that you and your mom are trading mail art.

Unknown said...

You got me at 'Mandala'. Lovely piece by Mom. Fabulous to share the love of art with your her. My Mom and I had the same. It is a rare and beautiful thing. Enjoy.

Unknown said...

You got me at 'Mandala'. Lovely piece by Mom. Fabulous to share the love of art with your her. My Mom and I had the same. It is a rare and beautiful thing. Enjoy.

scrapwordsmom said...

Your Mom is sooo talented and I think it's just so cute she does this, too. I don't think my Mom would join in...but she does sew and quilt and is very encouraging. Thank you for sharing my class, too. You ROCK:)

lee said...

wow what fun, to do that with your mother

Unknown said...

Ditto, ditto, ditto!

scrapwordsmom said...

Hey, Andria...I am writing you here because I am on Jackson's laptop and having issues with my email...

I would love to have you share your envelope tutorial with us...Could you do that during that Week 5...It's the week right after Easter. I want to incorporate these in our journals because they are just so cool!

You can PM me on FB or email me at


VivJM said...

Your mum rocks!!

Parabolic Muse said...

I was really taken with your mom's arty-ness when you wrote your envelope making post, and now, I'm blown away by her ingenuity! You remind me of Diane Gilleland (Craftypod) and her mom Pam (gingerbread snowflakes), who create things together and for each other all the time, along with the things they make for others! It's a great way to bond and stay friends with your moms!