Saturday, March 17, 2012

Decorating Easter Eggs with Kids

On Wednesday, I shared with you the torn-paper eggs I made based on Kareann's beautiful paper project.  After making many, many eggs of my own, I decided to invite my kids to try the activity, too.

As usual, my 4-year-old daughter Katy jumped at the chance to try a new craft. 
My 3-year-old daughter Bayla, true to form, lost interest fast:
Look at that face...
pretty much sums up how she feels about
crafting most of the time!

Though she did make a snazzy St. Patrick's Day hat
in preschool, don't you think?
This is just to show that she DID perk up!
Katy followed all of the steps that I outlined in my previous post.  She used colorful construction paper for her paper strips, and glued them down onto white drawing paper.
I found a large egg outline on the internet, and she used it as her template to draw an egg shape on the back of her paper.
She cut out the egg outline she drew:
Then it was time to turn the egg over for the big reveal:
She made lots and lots of eggs to send to her relatives for Easter.
Instead of punching holes in the eggs for a piece of ribbon, she came up with her own strategy for displaying the eggs.  She cut a vertical slit from the bottom, and stuck the eggs onto drawer pulls around the family room.
It was not the most aesthetically-pleasing option, but I thought it was pretty clever nontheless.

I received a VERY aesthetically-pleasing Easter egg when I found a delightful RAK from Karenann in the mail:
Her eggs are quite a bit smaller than the ones I made, and crafted on top of a thin piece of cardboard.  She also included one of her awesome altered Rolodex cards, with a "cheer up" message that was helpful to me on that particular day!

Here is the other side of the Rolodex card:
So fun to have another "Karenann original" in my collection!

Enjoy a creative weekend!


Cheryl said...

I love your egg fun. Nice to see kids doing it too.

Unknown said...

Great project! I want to do this with my son now!

lee said...

wow looks like fun time was had, and the eggs look great,

laurie said...

katy is so darn cute with those glasses and her determined crafty will!

Andria said...

Thanks, Cheryl!

I'm so glad that you are thinking of doing this with your son, was lots of fun.

Definitely fun, Lee..thanks!

Thanks, Laurie; she has a determined crafty will, all right! Look at that little pooched out!