Thursday, February 16, 2012


I was typing a post to share with you my younger daughter's Hello Kitty themed birthday party this past weekend.  My operating system decided that would be a good time to "reconfigure" and warning, just a blanked-out screen.

Once the computer finally came back on again, Blogger kept telling me that an error occurred during saving, but I persisted in finishing the post.  When I went to preview it before posting, Blogger navigated to a "page not found" page, at which time my entire post was deleted.

So, you know what?  I'm done.  Tomorrow, I am going on a "media-free" church retreat, and I am just going to get started a day early.  When I get back next week, I will try again with the birthday post.  And I will also share an envelope-making tutorial with you, and news of my progress in Joanne Sharpe's Letter Love class.

Until then, happy creating!  And I hope you have better luck with your technology than I have been having with mine.


I am still looking for another person to participate with me, April, and Laurie in the Pay It Forward project.  If you are interested, please read the post here and leave me a comment.  Thanks!!


Parabolic Muse said...

Andria, I wish I could participate in the Pay It Forward project, but any other time would be better. I'm just a bit.. overwhelmed right now. However... it's a great idea!

I'm so sorry about the Blogger fiasco. It's happened to me! It's not in the least pleasant or even a learning experience. It's just yuck.

Have a great time at your retreat. I look forward to the party news and photos. It's always fun to see what the girls have been doing!

Parabolic Muse said...

Can you believe that an error occurred when posting that comment? Holy moly. Blogger Blast!

Oanie said...

Andria, I know this isn't the right place to tell you that my beautiful post card arrived safely and I love it! I tried to e-mail you but it came back so can you e-mail me with your address please? I hope you are enjoying the post card swap and receiving lots of lovely little works of art. From Joan Flynn in Australia

aimee said...

computers love to do that, don't they... good luck getting back online! i bet you're having a great time in joanne's class!

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