Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Pay It Forward, with art!

Erin from art-is-try has started a fun project that will allow participants to both give and receive handmade gifts, spreading the love across Blogland by threes.

I found out about Erin's project from Roni, of Bad Jones Rising, and immediately wanted "in."  (Roni's post about the project is here.)

If you would care to join me, here's how it works:
  1. If you would like to participate, please leave a comment on this post. The first three people to commit to the project will receive a handmade gift from me!
  2. Post this project on your own blog—feel free to cut n’ paste. Gather three new participants and be willing / prepared to follow through with the “Pay It Forward” part!!! Please link back to this original post, and I, in turn, will include a link to your post so that we can follow the project from its origin.
  3. E-mail me ( with your full name and address, and I will send a small, simple, heartfelt, handmade gift.  In turn, you will give small, simple, heartfelt, handmade gifts to your participants. Let the joy grow exponentially! 
  4. If you are interested in participating but are not one of the first three to comment on this post, come back after I have listed my three participants here, click on one of their links and sign up under them (or if they are full, click on their links etc etc etc until you find one)!
*NOTE*-any and all handmade gifts are okay! We are trying to keep them small, and heartfelt. A small painting, poem, collage, etc, but with a touch of your own personal heart and creative side! I also haven’t put a time limit on my post, but I would hope they would all be made/given in a timely matter. As long as you make some kind of agreement with your gift-receivers, your deadline should be up to you…

So, to help clarify, here is an example to follow:  I commented on Roni's blog, so Roni will send me a gift.  I am posting the project on my blog so I am waiting for 3 comments. When I get them, I will send 3 gifts. Those people will post to their blogs, and send out 3 gifts of their own! I hope that makes sense, but if not, feel free to email me ( with any questions, or visit Erin at her blog.

We hope you are encouraged and motivated to participate.

My participants and their “Pay It Forward” blog links:

1. April Cole, of April Cole's Studio
2.  Laurie, of Lone Black Bird
3.  Jo Murray, of Jo Murray--Art

8 comments: said...

Hip, hip, hooray!
I am up and running :]
Come visit my blog, I've created a post on the project.
Thank you once again for sharing, you are always so inspiring ((hugs))

laurie said...

i'm in! and it sounds fun. :-) it looks like i'm in the first three but please let me know if this is not the case. (i'm not tech-savy - may have needed to refresh.)

Andria said...

That's great, April!

Awesome, Laurie! You are indeed #2. Could you send me your snail mail address? ( Now you just need to post about the project on your blog to get your three participants!

Jo Murray said...

There's nothing I like more than a swap! I already swap collages annually in the International Collage Exchange, and would find this one extremely interesting. Love your blog!

Erin Keane said...

HOORAY! Congrats on everyone for hosting and participating in this project. I can't wait to see how far this goes. Best, Erin from art-is-try (

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