Friday, January 13, 2012

A Nod to Organization

This week, Julie Balzer has been featuring blog posts about organizing art and crafting spaces.  She has shared her strategies, featured guest posters, and offered some questions and assignments to get the rest of us thinking about our own systems.

I shared a few of my organizational strategies when I blogged about my new craft room, dubbed Studio 791.

My latest "nod to organization" is a decorated box to use for storing my slowly but steadily growing collection of decorative tapes.
Did you see the awesome boxes Anthropologie was giving out during Christmas 2010?  Well, it only took me a year to finally do what I intended to do the moment I laid eyes on that box:  I made an artful playdate out of embellishing the heck out of it, with paints, rub-ons, image transfers, catalog images, postcards, and tapes.
I will be the first to admit that it turned out a bit "busy," but it's fun and colorful, and covered in interesting things to look at, so it makes an artful addition to my creative workspace.
And it offers me plenty of tape storage:
At least for now!

Here's hoping that your Friday the 13th didn't live up to the hype!  Have a blessed and creative weekend.

9 comments: said...

Love your collection of tape. :]
The box is fantastic too.

Dolly B said...

Your storage box looks fabulous


Anne said...

You collect tape like I do ribbon! Great storage idea. BTW..No more cooking spatters on my recipe cards now that I have one of your clever clothespins. Thanks!

donna!ee said...

diggin the storage idea...and the tapes! thank you much :)

Janet said...

I'm enjoying Julie's tips, too. And your storage box is fantastic! Not too busy for me....I love it. And I'm green with envy over your tape collection.

lee said...

love the box and the fabulous tape collection,

scrapwordsmom said...

This box turned out waaaay fun!!

Parabolic Muse said...




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