Thursday, January 12, 2012

Friendship in the Mail

One of the greatest benefits since getting this blog underway at the beginning of last year has been the online friendships I have developed through swaps, challenges, online courses, and blog comments.  I have "met" some of the most creative and generous people I have ever had the pleasure to know! 

One of those creative and generous people is Karenann, a blogger and Rolodex card-alterer, who surprised me a few days with some friendship in the mail:
She always sends her correspondence in decorated airmail envelopes (love!), and this time she sent me these wonderful labels to use on my own correspondence, Rolodex cards, and art journal pages. 

I immediately made use of some of them to decorate an envelope of paper goodies that I am swapping with Orit in Israel, as part of La Wendula's January paper swap:

So many thanks to Karenann for this unexpected treat!

Another bit of friendship came in the mail from April Cole.  At the beginning of the month, she posted about an inspiring little project she was working on with a free downloadable bird graphic, some vellum quotations, and pretty striped paperclips.  She offered four of her creations in a giveaway to the first four people to comment.  I came in well after four comments, and she still sent me one of her treasures!
April always impresses me with her generosity and optimism!
Happy Thursday!

7 comments: said...

How fun -- isn't it wonderful to get surprises in the mail? I've been very lucky too.

laurie said...

blog friends are so generous! how fun to get "real mail" for a change. said...

So glad to like the "birdie clip", Andria.
Had a wonderful time creating these...

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