Friday, November 4, 2011

Studio 791 Tour

Studio 791 has found a home!

When my younger daughter was born in early 2009, I gave over my dedicated art-making space to be a nursery.  My work table, books, notebooks, boxes, papers, files, pens, paints, totes, brushes, ribbons, buttons, glues, stamps, punches, ink pads, scissors, and all the rest found an uneasy home in the playroom/living room downstairs. 

With the addition of a sewing machine, my workspace expanded into the dining room.

As itinerant as it made me feel, the one truly driven nuts by the crafting overflow situation was my husband!

When our girls decided they wanted to share a room, we jumped at the chance.  It was a win/win/win--they got to share a room (and act like banshees every night at bedtime), I got my craft room back, and my husband got my crafts out of his constant line of sight!

It was so "meant to be" that it only took a few hours to get everything back upstairs and into place two Saturdays ago. 
For me, it is a creative haven of art-making bliss!
The two little urchins are never far away!
The opposite corner of the room has the closet (doors removed), which gives me most of my storage space, and my computer cart-turned-sewing table.  You can see my tote bag at the ready by the door, containing basic supplies (mostly for art journaling) to carry between the upstairs and downstairs.
In the back corner of the closet, I tucked a two-shelf bookcase on wheels to hold all of the books I use for collage and art journaling elements--nursery rhyme books, foreign language texts, art books, dictionaries, that sort of thing.  The two storage cubes also have all sorts of ephemera--papers, filed magazine images, stamps, tickets and postcards, etc.
The top shelf of the closet holds labeled shoe boxes of embossing materials, punches, tags, adhesives, stencils, and Scrabble tiles.  The next shelf down holds my rubber stamp collection, organized into labeled acrylic photo frames:
The shelf under that has ink pads and seriously small bits and pieces (beads, game pieces, etc.).  And the shelf under that has my painting supplies.  On the floor I have a crate, filled with jumbo Ziploc bags holding all my paper scraps in rough color groupings (blue and purple; orange and red; yellow; green; white and cream; brown, black and vintage):
A tower of drawers holds my scrapbooking papers, used for all kinds of projects, along with drawers for cards, scissors, pens, and "miscellaneous".  (You can categorize all year, and I swear you'll always end up with a "miscellaneous" drawer or two!)
There is an enormous armoire tucked in a back alcove corner of the room, and it provides me another great source of storage, with doors that can shut away the inside from view.  Right now it holds mainly sewing supplies and magazine archives.
I let my four-year-old take a picture of me in my new digs.  By the look of the outfit I have on, it's a good thing it's blurry!  But I think you can still see how gloriously relaxed I look to sit back in my own personal art space.

I leave you with a couple cute pics of my "studio mascots":
Bayla, age 2-1/2
Katy, turning 4 next week

Enjoy a happy, healthy, creative weekend!


lee said...

i love the tour through your space, very well organized, and very functional,,,,,now start creating

Parabolic Muse said...

well, happy birthday to Katy!

I had to laugh when you said no matter how much you categorize you will have a misc. drawer. Isn't that true!!

Great spaces. I love looking at people's studios.

lori vliegen said...

congratulations on studio 791.....what a fabulous art space! and you have it beautifully organized, too! have a happy weekend creating in your new digs!! xoxo said...

Such a wonderful creative space!
This calls for a celebration... Enjoy *hugs*

Andria said...

That's right, Lee...I've got to stop staring around in wonder, and get to playing!

Thanks for the birthday wishes for Katy, Chris! I love seeing folks' studios, too. I'll do a follow-up post when I'm in the middle of a project and it's a total mess!

Thanks, Lori! I wished everyone a healthy weekend, and then promptly got sick, so I don't know how much creating I'll get done. But soon...

Thanks, April!

Joyfulploys said...

Hi your work space, I'm envious! The wall color is great! You can't have too many misc. drawers...ha!

Bonita Rose said...

I love your space, so much neater than mine! ha! bonitarose

Andria said...

Mary, I LOVE the color of the room. My art room in my previous house was purple, and I painted this one purple, too, as soon as we moved in!

Thanks BonitaRose, I'm pretty sure it won't stay that neat for long! :-)

iHanna said...

thanks for sharing your space, I think it is great to see a mom of two wee monster having self-time and art time! :-)

I love your space and roomy storage, and your girls, sorry for calling them monsters!

Jennifer Ward said...

Looks fantastic, but I must confess a secret jealously. Oh, to have a space! Enjoy it. Use it well. And create to your heart's content!

Andria said...

Ha ha, Hannah, I love the name "wee monsters"...some days that fits them pretty well! :-)

Thank you, Jen, but you are a true example of the fact that you don't need a dedicated space to do amazingly creative things!

scrapwordsmom said...

Oh this tour was FAB! Your space looks so serene and peaceful. You must love creating with those beautiful purple walls, too.

You are definitely more organized than me. I have more Misc. drawers than anything:)

Thank you for sharing!!!

Leanne said...

Stopping by from Leslie's blog (any friend of Leslie is someone I should know!) ;) and I just love your studio space! I recently took over our basement (much to my husbands chagrin), but had I read this first, i'ight have considered suggesting our two girls bunk together and moved into the others bedroom!!! How great! Off to read more!

Andria said...

Thanks, Leslie! I've definitely managed to whittle down the number of miscellaneous drawers around the space, but there will always be a few!

Welcome, Leanne! Thanks for finding me. The basement sounds like a fantastic creative getaway. Maybe you can store the idea of taking over one of the bedrooms for later!