Saturday, January 7, 2012

Finding Creativity Everywhere

I have had so much fun over the past few months looking around with new eyes to find creativity in the lives of the people I have interacted with. 

Sometimes it's easy to get caught up in my own creative projects, or focus on the fabulous art I see online in the blogs I enjoy.  But I have begun to really appreciate the creative spirit that characterizes so many of my friends and family members, as well.

I wanted to share some examples of the creativity I have noticed since making a point to look for it.  Finding these examples has clearly demonstrated to me that creativity can make its appearance in crafts, home decorating, gift giving, and artful gatherings.
  • One friend created an interesting entrance to her home by arranging a screen and some other decorative elements just inside the front door in her living room. 
  • Another friend created a clever holder for her daughter's many hair clips and bows, and then helped me create one for my girls during a fun "crafternoon" playdate.
  • My husband's aunt decorated her home for Christmas with Santas and nativity scenes she had crafted in dough over the years, and proudly shared painted wooden ornaments she had made in years past.
  • My sister created art for the wall above her twin boys' cribs just before they were born (which is now a year ago this month!).
  • A fellow member of my MOPS group (a Christian moms' organization) took time to create lovely packaging for our table treat, with a hand-created gift tag.
  • My mother has made beautiful cross-stitched Christmas stockings for every member of my family, and they look gorgeous hanging together across the mantle.
  • A friend from church put together a festive holiday gathering with food and activities to keep everyone eating and having fun, whether they were 4 years old or 40.
It has been so enriching over the past couple of months to view my friends, family, and activities through the lens of appreciate how just about everyone I know either makes an effort or just very naturally incorporates creativity into their days. 

It makes me happy to feel well-accompanied on this creative journey!

I would challenge you to the rewarding task of seeing your friends and family members through the lens of creativity, so that you, too, can start to appreciate the creative spirit that brings energy and delight to our days!


Dolly B said...

so true, sometimes I think we forget to look at the little things, that in truth are really the BIG things. The little everyday moments we take for granted. Thanks for nudging me to take more notice of everyone's talents and gifts

lee said...

your right we forget to look around us, and really see. thanks for the reminder that we need to really see

Joyfulploys said...

You have some creative people around you...thanks for sharing!

Regina said...

My mom and sisters are in denial of their own craftiness until I go to their homes and point it all out to them! I love that you are looking for the beauty that others create. What a great reminder.