Friday, April 15, 2011

Art Journal Every Day Friday

Friday rolled around pretty quickly! I have managed to work in my art journal a little bit every day during the month of April, which was my goal when I joined Julie’s Art Journal Every Day group. Friday is my day to show off, so here’s what I’ve done this past week.

Under the influence of Traci Bunker’s The Art Journal Workshop, I created this background spread using watercolor paints, baby wipes, and bubble wrap:

Under the influence of wine, I created a little cork stamp, which I added to the spread, along with some collaged pictures and journaling:
This spread, as you can tell, is far from finished.  (I have a really hard time using letter stamps without those edge lines showing on my page.  If you have any tips, I'd appreciate hearing them!)

This page shows the three cork stamps I’ve made this week. My little swirl was beginner’s luck; the other two aren’t that great!

This page has lots of tangling, thanks to the inspiration of McNeill’s Zentangle 2:

And check out how the mail can bring inspiration. I got my latest Boden catalog, with this awesome cover:
And that inspired this page:

Here’s the spread altogether:

More mail inspiration: I used a one inch square punch and a Ballard home decorating catalog and created these mosaics. Talk about meditative! It was an extremely restful exercise.

A little Zentangle bird doodle:

And, finally, when I thought I was going to blow it and not work in my journal last night, I posed this question, from Anastasiya Goers:
Then I spent 20 minutes responding on the page all around the question, but decided the answers were a little too personal to post!

Thank you for checking out my art journal progress!


Desiree said...

Even though your page is not done, (if any of our great art is ever really done:) you got a lot done this week! I love Traci's finished pages too! tfs!

NLT said...

Gosh I love it all. the Zentangles, the journal pages...seeing your inspiration point. You got a lot done and I'm still struggling with the zentangles myself. :P Thank you so much for sharing yourself here, I'm using you as inspiration to go do something of my own - last 2 days all work and no play! And 2 toddlers! Sheesh woman what is your secret?

Hoola Tallulah said...

What a wonderful week of journalling, I especially love the Zen birdie and the Boden inspired red page. It's awesome you find time to do this daily, ah I would love that! one day, one day... Thanks for dropping by my blog :)

ainelivia said...

Hi andria, thanks for coming by my blog (the faux washi tape post). do have a look at Julie K's post, there's a link in the first para of my post to her blog. she used some materials that are different, fabric tape, medical tape and a whole selection of pens to achieve her faux washi tape, it's where i first got the idea. your zentangles are wonderful, i've only just come across zentangles so have to give it a try soon. it is lovely to meet new art journallers and share ideas, so i will be back. all the best ainelivia aka Carol Ann

Parabolic Muse said...

Holy amazing!! This is great stuff. I just love process photos and so, ipso facto, I love this. And you are rocking the zentangles. I have just barely started doing them. I am so darnit slow with my arty stuff. But this isn't about me, probably.

I took workshop from traci bunkers and was very happy. In any case, your pages look great, really. I think one thing I'm usually afraid of is adding too much to my pages, and then when I see how great other pages look with lots of grunge and detail and happy, I learn a bit more about continuing.

Am I still talking? Anyway, I wanted to say that, when I do the letter stamps, I had the same problem with the edges. Sometimes I don't care, and when I do care, this is what I do. It's a little bit of a pain, but I don't know what else. I know I'm using letters, so I get little bits of masking tape ready and after I apply ink to the stamp, I just stick a tiny bit of tape onto the edges that got ink on them. Because no matter how much I try to keep them from hitting the paper, I don't succeed.

I can't keep talking. It's 630am.

Andria said...

Thanks for your encouragement! Nae, your comments made me smile; thank you. Carol Ann, I will definitely check out Julie K's post. Thanks for the tip about masking tape on letter stamps, Parabolic Muse. Sounds terribly time-consuming, but it might be worth it; those ink edges really bug me! said...

Love all your doodling... great artwork :]
Thank you for sharing.