Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What's on Your Work Desk? Wednesday!

My workspace this morning is the kitchen island.
I am making some tag sets. At some point, I plan to participate in a craft sale, and one of the items I will offer will be tag sets. I decided I better get to work and build up some inventory if I ever plan to make this goal of mine happen!

Meanwhile, Bayla is eating breakfast, and Katy is drawing whales at the table.
These pictures pretty much sum the girls up: Bayla would eat all day if left completely to her own devices, and Katy would draw all day.

As Katy draws, she is telling stories about the whales. “This one is all alone, so he is calling his whale friends. This one is surprised to see another whale. This one is wearing a bib” and on and on.
When she was finished, Katy asked me to staple all of her whale drawings together to make a book. She now has a six page book that she titled, Whales Go Swimming. She then told me words to write on each page of her book: “Whales go swimming. Whales knock at the door if there are any whales there. By the time the whales go to the mall, they pop up to the wall. You can lie on pillows at your naptime. Purr and silent. The End.”
For the annals of Crafting: What NOT To Do:

Last night after multiple glasses of wine, I grabbed a cork and an Exacto knife and decided the time was ripe to carve my first rubber stamp! Thankfully, all of my fingers are intact, but I admit that it wasn’t the smartest time to pick up a craft knife. I had some “beginner’s luck,” I think, because I think my little swirl stamp came out nicely!
You’ll be seeing more of it in my art journal pages, and I’m pretty sure I’ll be carving a few more corks in the next few days! 

What's on YOUR work desk today?


A "Freakin' Angel" said...

Oh to be crafty and creative like you (and your daughter!). But please, stay away from the exacto knife when drinking!!

VivJM said...

Katy's whales are ace!

And your stamp is too ;-). Glad your fingers are intact lol

laurie said...

the book about whales is so cute and makes me want to read more - did the other whales come over? where do they sleep? :-) i have had several craft mishaps involving wine myself!

Desiree said...

love the carved stamp, very cool!

I left a reply for you n the cds! thanks for stopping by! :D

Donna said...

What a sweet whale story book!
Corks never thought of that Hmmm
What can I come up with??

Anne said...

I think copies of Katie's first book would be excellent Christmas gifts for certain deserving grandparents!!!
And were you drinking wine, carving corks -- and wearing your "runs with scissors" tee??

Carin Winkelman said...

A whale with a bib, now there's something I'd never think of! Wonderful! ;-) Cool your daughter is as creative as you.

iHanna said...

Aww such cute stories of your girls, the whale book sounds awesome. Imagine having a story project like that and that imagination!

Great postcarding too, and I am sooo envious of your book pile. YuM!

thebigmango said...

Love your cork stamp. What a great idea, although best not when drinking!

Andria said...

I have to say...the stamp I made after a couple glasses of wine came out a lot better than the two I made the next morning over coffee! Laurie, when you write that blog post about your craft mishaps involving wine, I want to read it! And Donna, I want to see what cork stamps you come up with, but be careful!! And Mom, we will work on new editions of Whales Go Swimming for Christmas! Thanks to everyone for your support of my daughter's creative efforts. One of my great goals is to keep that love of creativity alive in her, and not to let it get smothered by other concerns as she grows up.

Kristin said...

What a great post! Loved the part about the wine ;) and your stamp turned out very cool - thank you for your sweet comment and for the pictures by and of your beautiful babies! Kristin xo

TJ said...

Katy's drawing book is AMAZING! I sighed out loud...! Sweet...

Hoola Tallulah said...

Ah watchng little ones draw and imagine is precious isn't it? I love the name Bayla btw, that is so unique I never heard it before.
Thanks for dropping by my blog, so nice to meet u :)