Monday, April 18, 2011

Postcard Update!

I thought the postcards would flood in every day last week, but they have come at more of a trickle! I have three more fun additions from iHanna’s swap. First, I received a beautiful butterfly postcard from Suzanne in California.
My photo doesn’t show off the colors or the complexity of her background paper, along with its crackle finish. Great details! Her postcard appeals to my love of orderliness and patterned paper, and she has made me look at my paper punches in a whole new way. Don’t be surprised if you see Suzanne’s influence in my art journal and future cards and ATCs!

Next, I got a fun, interactive postcard from Kim in New York. The address side (masking-taped by me for privacy!) has all kinds of fun stickers and stamps.
The back side features beautifully colored papers, a sweet hand-drawn bird, and a place for me to count my blessings, reminding me that I’m “a lucky woman”. (The word “blessings” was lost en route, but ‘tis the nature of a postcard!) What a happy postcard!

Finally, on Saturday, I received a card from Adrianne, in Oregon.
Hanging from her watercolored postcard is a crocheted heart-shaped ornament. Her message “Deer have right of way” written on washi tape made me smile! Her message on the back told me that these are her impressions from vacation. I thought she captured that part of the country nicely (though I’ve never visited myself!).

Thanks to Suzanne, Kim, and Adrianne for adding to my fun new handmade postcard collection!


iHanna said...

Awesome postcards! Thanks for sharing, interactivity - now why didn't I think of that? Love your friday post below too, so many lovely things in your art journal! Inspiration galore!

laurie said...

it's funny how you and i have received several postcards from the same people! this has been so much fun that i will be disappointed when it is all over. said...

Oh my, oh my... mail art :]
What fun, right?
Me too Laurie, small world... all 3 of us have received a postcard by the same artist. How cool is that :]
Happy Monday!

Hoola Tallulah said...

Gosh these are beautiful, the butterfly one really set my heart racing, so prettfull!

TJ said...

Postcard love is so fun! I wish it would never end... happy easter from Germany, tj