Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Collaged Coin Envelope Mini-Books

Of all my 80 boards on Pinterest (Yikes!  How did that happen?), I think my very favorite is my Book and Journal Making Board.  Pretty much any pin on it makes me want to head directly to my studio and pull out my supplies.  Recently I was looking for a super-simple book-making design to try, so I clicked on my pin for Julie Fei-Fen Balzer's coin envelope books.

She has two designs:  One has the envelopes opening to the outside edge so that tags and such can be tucked inside the pages:
The other design has the envelopes opening up toward the inside spine:
I made each type of book in two different sizes, and then chose one of the tag-ready books to collage for a final project.
I had a lot of fun just playing around with the pages, using my rubber stamps, which don't always get a whole lot of use around here anymore, as well as some paper and sticker goodies from my awesome blog friend Pamela at Cappuccino and Art Journal.  Here is the little book's cover:
And a peek at the spreads inside:
 And the back cover of the mini-book:
I made tag inserts from a BINGO card, scrapbook paper, and business envelope liners, and added baker's twine pull strings. Each pocket of the mini-book has its own tag.
So here is the final result of the collaged coin envelope mini-book, complete with tags:
For very clear instructions on putting these coin envelope books together, visit Julie's blog here!


Jewels said...

AWESOME Andria - love the vintagy collaging that you did...

Cappuccinoandartjournal.blogspot.com said...

OK. I absolutely LOVE this. What will it take for me to get one from you?????

scrapwordsmom said...

Absolutely adorable!! What an idea!!

leekrek said...

wow these are amazing, and really really beautiful

Parabolic Muse said...

OH, this has given me such a great idea!
I really like what you've done with these. Cuter than CUTE.